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Why Buy the Cow?

As James Wedmore says, 'the transformation is in the transaction.'
The impact of hiring a coach is catalyzed and launched by the shift in energy that occurs when you finally choose to invest in yourself.
Until you decide that you are worth investing in, no-one else will invest in you.
Until you decide that you are worth support, resources and everything else you need... no-one else will provide them, and even if they try - you won't fully receive and utilize it.
Until you decide that you and your mission warrants expenditure, no-one else is going to risk their money on you...
Have you ever noticed that reading a lot of self-help books and absorbing a lot of free content doesn't seem to be translating to business growth, account growth, relationship change etc in your real, tangible life?
There are a few reasons for that:
1. No skin in the game. If there are no consequences to inaction, your survival wiring is going to prioritize inaction. Survival doesn't allow for risk taking, and ultimate (perceived) safety requires ultimate familiarity. Unfortunately that comes as a package deal with Ultimate Regret.
Downside: No changes by you = no changes for you.
2. Emotional buy-in and financial buy-in are intimately linked. Large expenses stay front-of-mind because we are trained to link money with survival. Make a big investment = pay big attention = make big changes = see big results.
Downside: The safe option often looks like the cheap option which gets commensurate results. Go big or go home, is my advice.
3. Books and free content are read / handled by the conscious mind, and that's not where the problems are. If it was simply a matter of conscious choices, you would've made different ones already.
Downside: Easier said than done. But, it's a lot easier done when you have support, illumination of psychological blindspots, strategy, accountability and a calmer nervous system to calibrate to. Ipso facto: Get a coach.
How else have you noticed that simply reading motivational quotes and absorbing public material doesn't work for you? I'd love for you to drop your experience with and without personalized support in the comments so that everyone can learn :)
Forever in your corner,
Sarah xo
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