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KOSA Acupuncture in Gaithersburg, MD is pleased and proud to share Multiple Sclerosis Testimonials and related topics including treatment.
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can be treated easily and successfully.

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You are being invited to release yourself from preconceived actions. Relax and surrender, it is a day of new beginnings. 28 allows you to create and strengthen, new powerful and lasting partnerships both personal and professional. Use your original and unique ideas as you begin new partnerships helping you to heal, grow and advance.  

10 allows you to manifest your ideas, thoughts, goals and emotions easily and often instantly. Guard your words today as they have a great impact on others. Keep focused on positive and uplifting thoughts today no matter how things appear, everything is working for the higher good of all. Dedicate today to creating love and light in all ways, and you will manifest magical outcomes.

1 is the number of new beginnings and originality and carries the vibration of freewill, individual pursuit and innovation. It is the original spark of creation. Be extremely mindful of your thoughts today without over analyzing. Focus on your dreams with passion and faith letting your creativity shine.

18/9 encourages you to awaken into your true nature, life purpose and destiny. Take some time to rest today, to notice what is coming to the surface to be healed so you can move forward in love.


If you are still unsure what your true nature, life purpose and destiny are, I invite you to take the “Soul Journey Course” to unlock and discover who you are, why you are here and how you are to live out your purpose. You will learn how to align your mind, body and spirit to raise your conscious awareness and awaken much more quickly. You will make peace with and release the past, discover joy in the present and create a life of purpose and passion making your dreams and desires a reality.

Just click the link below to enroll! There are 10 spots available for the BONUS to receive a completed Soul Profile (Blueprint) Reading (value $189). This includes your birth code, soul and personality numbers, current year, a complete description of the cross reference with your natal chart and much more.

Much Love & Light,

Shannon M Rhett

Spiritual Attunement Practitioner

#partnerships #create #strengthen #powerful #positive #thoughts #grow #advance #goals #emotions #vibration #freewill #passion #faith

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Another day of courage, love, compassion and wise leadership. Your vitality and passion for life are awakened today. With the number 27 activated use your courage to look within, to love yourself and show yourself compassion for all you have been through. It is through this inner work you become a wise leader.

The number 9 carries Divine wisdom with great determination. You are evolving and becoming more intuitive. Your imagination knows no bounds and your willpower is strong today. Lead by example and be an inspiration to others. A great day for raising vibrational awareness of humanity with a clear and sharp mind.

17/8 shows you how to leave a legacy behind to your family, your community or the greater world at large. A day to reflect on your resilience and how far you have come. Detach from all that no longer serves you so you can align with love and peace.

Much Love & Light,
Shannon M Rhett
Spiritual Attunement Practitioner

#numerology #courage #love #compassion #wise #leadership #vitality#passion #life #awaken #divine #wisdom #legacy #family #community #detach#world #align #peace #humanity #mind #imagination #willpower #vibration

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You know how some people get stuck in the never-ending cycle of anxiety, fear, depression and self-doubt? Well…if this resonates with you then this course is designed to help you understand yourself and others on the soul level so you can make peace with and release the past, discover joy in the present and create a life of purpose and passion making your dreams and desires a reality. Learn how to align your mind, body and spirit to raise your conscious awareness and vibration much quicker so you can live life to the fullest and step into abundance! I hope you will entrust me as your guide on your spiritual journey!

BONUS: A complete Soul Profile (Blueprint) Reading that includes a 6-7 page report and a 50 min call to go over the meaning of your personally designed blueprint. There is so much to discover about you! (value $189)

If you have already received a Soul Profile (Blueprint) Reading from me then you will receive another 50 min call to go over any current situations you are needing clarity and guidance on.

Much Love & Light,
Shannon M Rhett
Spiritual Attunement Practitioner

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A day of natural leadership in business, money matters and management. 26 allows you to raise your standards and drive for success. Rise above the challenges and stand out because you can! Believe and have faith in yourself and the Divine Source from which all things come.

8 represents the energy of money exchange and is aligned with business. This vibration takes a vision (spirit), creates a product or service (matter), puts it into the world (enterprise) and in return receives payment. 8 is the number of abundance, so rejoice and give thanks for all the abundance in your life today and all that is coming to you.

16/7 brings spiritual transformation and awakening. Your intuition is strong today so listen closely to the messages that are coming and trust the message.

This is the perfect day for the launch of my new course as the collective, universal energy is right and it is a personal triple 7 day for me! Watch for the enrollment announcement later today!

Much Love & Light,
Shannon M Rhett
Spiritual Attunement Practitioner

#numerology #money #business #light #possibilities #leadership #spirit#abundance #transformation #awakening #listen #spiritual #exchange#success

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Oh, baby, there sure are a lot of ways to DO anger, let alone any other feeling, right??!!  I’ve certainly used my fair share of approaches over the years. 

When my sister and I were kids, we had a paper route together.  Sometimes we would have deep, adolescent talks about life while we were delivering papers.  Other times we would argue like maniacs. One particular day we were walking to our route and we got into a big argument, about what I no longer even remember!  I was so mad with her that I sped ahead and hid off to the side where she couldn’t see me. As she approached, I suddenly felt compelled to jump out and start hitting her.  I distinctly remember feeling convinced that physically expressing my rage in that moment would help drain it. But guess what happened? As I hit her my rage only increased and I remember feeling so shocked by this! 

The silent treatment was another approach to anger that I spent many years refining and oh, wow, was I good at it!  My best friend from high school STILL remembers the two weeks I stopped talking with her simply because she’d made a small comment that made me mad! Sadly, I ended numerous friendships this way and eventually always moved on from anger to regret yet it was usually too late to remedy the friendships. Even now, this default reaction sometimes surfaces so that I instinctively WANT to kick into it when I feel really angry or hurt, but I’ve learned how to do it differently. 

And then there was the skill I like to refer to as ‘going all New York’ on people when they made me angry! I grew up in New York and certainly learned how to fight for my rights, whether it was dealing with a customer service representative on the phone, a colleague in one of the hospitals in which I worked or a neighbour refusing to cut down a dead tree whose limbs were falling on my driveway.  My ‘Going all New York’ approach was definitely confrontational and I spent years feeling proud of my ability to do this when the situation ‘required’ it! It wasn’t till years into this that I realized how much energy it took for me to pull this off each time and that it did not necessarily ease the actual feelings of anger at all, but fed them instead.

I discovered another side of my experience with anger that I’d never noticed before when I learned how to come back home to my body and emotions IN the moment.  When anger shows up, my mind instinctively kicks into high gear, turning up the focus on what the other person has done to me, endlessly justifying all the reasons I have a right to be mad and further fuelling my anger. Interestingly, I’ve noticed that I concurrently have an awful lot of physical sensations that accompany emotions such as anger, but my mind prefers to stay busy thinking about it rather than feeling it.  Remember how I mentioned in my last blog post (Coming Home) that our minds are highly skilled in thinking about our feelings, but not gifted in actually feeling them?  

I was recently reminded of all this when my wife and I got into an argument that we periodically revisit together.  I’m sure many of you are familiar with those topics that can circle back around in your relationships and offer a fresh trigger of emotion in one or both of you!  Well, that’s what happened. And oooh eeeh, was I mad!  I was itching to pull the silent treatment because that’s such a great way for my mind to think about feeling angry without actually having to feel it, but I’ve learned it only fuels the flames. So off I stormed on a walk with the dog.  I spent the first few minutes fuming about all the ways I was justified in feeling the way I was feeling and my mind spun around and around with no relief in sight.

About 10 minutes into my walk, I remembered to check in with my body and notice where I was feeling sensations.  There was tightness in my chest and I felt short of breath; my fists were clenched, as was my jaw and my heart was pounding. My mind continued to beckon me back to thinking about the story and my resulting anger, but I’ve repeatedly learned that when my mind stays stuck in the story, it pins the very feeling in place and limits the possibility of relief.  Instead I continued to gently drop below the surface of my thinking to the physical sensations I was experiencing in the presence of anger. 

By the time I returned from my walk with the dog, I had shifted.  I’d come back home to my body and my spinning mind had slowed. Space had been created for clarity and relief to seep in in ways that weren’t even conceivable a few minutes before and I can promise you that my wife was grateful for this!. It was suddenly possible for me to make room for my anger to have a place at my inner table.  You see, anger will always want a place at our inner table, just as sadness, fear, anxiety, worry, confusion and others always will.  These emotions are a natural part of us and they are supposed to be! Contrary to what our minds try to convince us, when these emotions show up in our stories, they are asking for acknowledgment from us.  They want to be allowed rather than fought against. Their mere presence is a call from within, signaling us home. Clarity and relief become possible when we accept the invitation to drop below the surface of merely thinking about the feeling and tune into the embodied experience of the feeling IN the moment. 

This is something I have come to practice regularly in my life.  Do I do it perfectly all the time? Heck no. I’m as human as the next person.  What I have learned, though, is that when strong emotions show up, they are never here to be fought against.  These emotions are truly on our side, reflecting another aspect of each of us that wants to be allowed at our inner table.    This understanding offers a fresh sense of wholeness, freedom and relief that is contrary to what our minds would have us believe in the challenging moments. 

Did you know this is exactly what I do in my sessions and programs with patients? I work with patients experiencing anxiety, depression, worry, overwhelm, confusion, fear, fatigue, stress, chronic illness and cancer. I never tire of witnessing the transformations that occur in my patients as they learn how to apply the simple tools I teach.  They discover it’s possible to cultivate a different relationship with themselves and the very feelings and experiences they have long fought against or considered so wrong. What’s the side effect of this? Space is suddenly created for increased joy, clarity, energy, peace and relief.  Isn’t that odd, surprising and fabulous?! The most beautiful part of all is that in order to reap these benefits, the tools need not be applied or learned perfectly, only humanly. :-)

If this intrigues you, reach out and we can have a conversation about it.  You can tell me what’s going on and if we’re a fit to work together, great! We can talk about that, too.  I continue to work with patients both locally and virtually. Here’s a link to schedule a conversation with me: Let’s Chat.  

I invite you into curiosity about how your relationship with emotions like anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, worry, confusion and others may change as you discover that they have and always will be a part of you and that they simply want to have a seat at your inner table.


Emily Colwell, MSSW, ND

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Take some time today to find a place where you can experience peace and quiet to think and analyze what is coming up for you. 25 can help you to learn from past mistakes so that you can grow and look forward as you focus on you, your life and your dreams. If you have been wanting to start a new book, do some research, start a new course to gather knowledge and gain understanding this is the perfect day.

The number 7 allows you to gain insights and receive intuitive downloads. This is a day of great mystery and magic. Your new discoveries allow you to dream even bigger than you ever thought possible. If it seems like your dreams keep expanding, it’s because your energy is expanding. There is tremendous intelligence to be gained today.

15/6 encourages you to be positively aligned so you can easily attract prosperity and people who will help with gifts and favors. Uplift others by blessing them with happiness and you will secure what you envision.

Much Love & Light, 
Shannon M Rhett
Spiritual Attunement Practitioner

#numerology #peace #quiet #research #intuitive #prosperity #gifts #favors#secure #envision #dreams #expanding #discoveries #blessing #mystery#magic #grow #learn #analyze #think

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Spirit is always present and moving you towards trust, openness and unconditional acceptance. Fall in love with life as your dreams and visions nurture your soul. You have nothing to fear, relax and take in a deep breath of Spirit and let it flood your entire being as you find peace and joy in the present.

The number 24 embraces a partnership with stability and manifestation. When you partner with Spirit you are much more easily able to manifest and create your sense of stability in this 3D world attracting abundance. There is never a lack of abundance only a refusal to accept it. Abundance is not for the select few but for everyone.

6 represents the pregnant mother about to give birth and take on the responsibility of being a parent. This is a day to take responsibility for your life and where you are going. This includes nurturing yourself so that you are able to serve others with passion and joy. A day to recharge your vibrational field. You must first learn to receive the bounty of love and luxuries life has to offer.

14/5 is a day to connect and share all you are learning with the world after you have grounded yourself in your partnership of trust with Spirit so you can open up and receive your unconditional acceptance. It is a day of universal love and sharing.

I have created an online course to help you recharge and strengthen your vibrational field that opens for enrollment on Tues July 16th! I am so excited to offer this course to get people out of the cycle of anxiety, fear, depression and self-doubt so they can create and live their life of abundance. Be watching for that announcement in the coming days! If you want to make sure you receive the announcement in your email just sign up for my Newsletter @ THE FIRST 10 PEOPLE TO ENROLL IN THE COURSE WILL RECEIVE A SPECIAL BONUS!! The bonus will be revealed in the announcement.

Much Love & Light,
Shannon M Rhett 
Spiritual Attunement Practitioner

#spirit #universallove #passion #joy #acceptance #trust #partnership#stability #nurture #connect #share #serve #numerology #anxiety #fear#depression #self-doubt #bonus 

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Today’s strength lies in your ideas and intelligence. If faced with a decision know that Divine source will provide everything needed for your journey. Your confidence is strong in your quest for freedom.
23 is an ambitious and courageous vibration that can help you to communicate today. It can give you a break in this time of Mercury retrograde when communication can be skewed.
There is a great desire for freedom today in the number 5 allowing you to explore and enjoy life to the fullest. Nurture your dreams and visions of your perfect life and feel the joy it brings you now. This is absolute freedom no matter how things appear. Your mind is strong today so explore the unknown through all your senses. Be willing to experience all the world has to offer.
13 empowers you to have an out-of -the-box approach to life today. Sudden shifts and changes today to replace the old and introduce new beliefs, people and perspectives. Be alert and aware that these shifts and changes are guiding and directing for your highest good.
Much Love & Light,
Shannon M Rhett
Spiritual Attunement Practitioner
#journey #courageous #vibration #communication #confidence #mercury #retrograde #quest #nurture #dreams #visions #mind #explore #world #experience #senses #guiding #beliefs #people #perspective #alert #aware
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A mastery day of peace! Peace is only obtained in the present moment so practice being present. Now is the time to manifest into reality the life you have been dreaming of and creating. Look for the signs of your manifested achievements today.

22 shows you how to be disciplined and honest through peace, intuition and cooperation.

4 brings stability through work and discipline. It is the hardest working number. Those who have a 4 in their birth code embody the mind, body, spirit and ground it here on earth with great achievements. You are able to feel more grounded and connected to the Divine with this energy today.

12 encourages your creative side to be present as you are building your foundation with discipline.

Want to know what your birth code reveals about you? Just take this Free Mini Course and find out!

Much Love & Light,
Shannon M Rhett
Spiritual Attunement Practitioner

#numerology #work #foundation #discipline #peace #present #manifest#achievements #reality #signs  #stability #birthcode #life #mind #body#spirit #grounded #energy #earth #building

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Over the years, I’ve come to embrace a different understanding of the meaning of true freedom. It’s been powerful and liberating for me and for others who come to share this lens, including many patients with whom I work.  Instead of true freedom requiring us to find a way OUT of our current moments, feelings or experiences, I’ve discovered that it instead invites us to turn down the volume on our thinking minds and practice tuning into our own feelings, bodies, and energy IN the moment. 


How many of you have experienced anxiety, illness, cancer, a job you hate or a relationship in which you’re unhappy? Or perhaps you’ve felt gripped with fear, anger, grief or overwhelm about the political climate swirling around you? Or maybe you find that when you look around, all you can notice is what’s wrong in your life or the world? The list could go on, right?


Well, I’ve experienced all these things, too. And for many years, when these experiences showed up for me, I was convinced that the way to find relief was to get myself out of those experiences so I could stop feeling whatever I was feeling and get to a different moment in my life. I was certain that once I got to a different, more right moment, I would feel better and I could REALLY start living. But you know what happened? More experiences showed up that were not the experiences I necessarily wanted. It turned out to be more difficult to reach that elusive, right moment of the future.


Things changed for me when I started playing with staying IN the present moment of the experience, sometimes for only seconds at a time in the beginning. I discovered that my mind was highly skilled in thinking about my feelings, but not gifted in actually feeling them! The more my mind tried to convince me I didn’t need to or shouldn’t feel the way I was feeling, the louder those feelings became. What a strange, counterintuitive realization that was for me!


I’ve discovered these same counterintuitive results about all the seemingly unwanted experiences that show up in my life, even cancer. The more my mind tells me all the reasons why my current situation is wrong, the more pressure I feel to hurry up and find the solution. The tricky part is that when my thinking mind is attempting to run the show on her own, oh, baby, it’s not so pretty! It’s always accompanied by a certain level of urgency and panic to find the quickest way to get myself out of the very unwanted situation I’m in and away from the very feelings that are present in me.


Who knew it would be so powerful to drop below the surface of all my thinking in the moment and turn towards the emotions to meet them rather than fight against them?! As I practiced this more, I was surprised to find that unwanted feelings like anxiety, overwhelm, confusion or even a sense of wrongness that I had commonly resisted suddenly began to ease. It was as if they had been waiting to be acknowledged and allowed and not made wrong for all these years...and it was happening:-) I discovered that they had been offering me a gift by showing up and I began to give them the gift of acknowledgment in return.


And guess what, peeps? This is universally true and applies to everyone! When we drop below the surface of our perpetual thinking and tune into our body, feelings and energy IN the moment, we tap into a wisdom that’s been there all along. A peaceful center resides alongside this wisdom within and is available to us no matter what our outside circumstances.  Do you see how this suddenly offers us true freedom in a way that isn’t possible when we are attempting to get out of the current moment? Isn’t that an amazing paradigm shift??!! This is exactly why I teach the simple tools to help people tap into this inner wisdom and peace by tuning in to the very moment in which they find themselves.


I invite you to join me in learning how to play with dropping below the surface of all the thinking and coming back home to your body and emotions in this moment. What if this begins to transform your experience of the very moment you are in?



Dr. Emily Colwell



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A day dedicated to self-expression as your message of truth carries the power today to penetrate all forms and reach into people’s hearts. Express your authentic self with confidence. It is a highly creative day so focus on the life you are creating for yourself on this day of cosmic consciousness.

The number 21 must express its creativity. The more you can be in creative mode the more fluidity your day will have.

3 loves to explore the matters of the heart. 3 is the combination of 1 and 2 bringing together masculine and feminine energies to create. Using your talents today will uplift you and bring you joy. Be sure to learn or discover something new in your world today and embrace the freedom to be who you are.

11 is the number of clairvoyance. It is another highly intuitive day to channel Divine wisdom. You should feel better balanced today with the energy of 11 in play if you have been feeling a little out of sorts with all the planets that are in retrograde.


Much Love & Light,                                                                                              Shannon M Rhett                                                                                                  Spiritual Attunement Practitioner


#feminine #joy #retrograde #numerology #divine #wisdom #energy #balanced #freedom #clairvoyance #focus #cosmic #consciousness #discover #planets

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It is time to release and be liberated so unresolved issues will not keep you from the full expression of your Divinity. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Another great day of a powerful awakening as we partner together.

The number 20 shows us how to work in harmony together for the greater cause with Divine protection. It is time to decide which direction you want your life to go.

The 0 in 20 magnifies the vibration in the togetherness of 2. 2 is also the number of peace, balance, harmony and partnership with great sensitivity. Your intuition is strong today so use it wisely and do not dismiss it.

10 means another day of instant manifestation so focus on what you want and the direction you are going. If you do not like the direction you are headed, focus on the things that make you smile and feel loved in order to manifest more of these things in your life.

Much Love & Light,

Shannon M Rhett

#numerology #togetherness #sensitivity #peace #balance #harmony#expression #divine #intuition #vibration #partnership #direction#manifestation #love #smile #awakening #world #reflection #release#liberate #unity

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A day of unique and inventive ideas on how to explore life to the fullest and ignite your ambitious nature. Everything that happens (positive or negative) is a reminder of your true origin. You are awakening to your true nature and destiny. 28 allows you to have an original approach to life. Opening and expanding your mind will open the door to many more opportunities for you to achieve your goals and fulfill your purpose.

It is important to focus on the positive things in your life as you tap into the powerful manifestation vibration that comes from the number 10. You can easily manifest your thoughts today (positive or negative). Be present and mindful.  

1 represents the masculine aspect of our human experiences. It also is the first number of the Mind Triad providing great mental resources and an active imagination. Stay focused on the present today in a flowing, creative state of being to thrive and reach your highest goals with astounding speed.

Much Love & Light,

Shannon M Rhett

#flow #divine #energy #present #mindful #positive #thrive #goals #speed #imagination #active #purpose #unique #inventive #achieve #expand #open #mind #ignite #ambitious #opportunities #original



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A day of excellence and authority blended with a humanitarian spirit. Today is filled with courage, love, compassion and wise leadership. 27 shows us how to share and uplift others with no expectations of anything in return. Only a fully open heart can give and receive with the understanding of our interconnectedness through cosmic consciousness.

9 gives you the confidence to elevate the everyday ordinary, into the extraordinary and meaningful. Embrace your human experience and mission with artistic nature. Do not be afraid of true intimacy.

8 stands the test of time achieving greatness with justice and honor. Both 8 & 9 carry the vibration of great leadership so step into your leadership role with confidence today.

Much Love & Light,

Shannon M Rhett

#courage #love #compassion #wise #leadership #share #uplift #confidence #extraordinary #vibration #guide #compass #internal #wisdom

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Magnesium is a nutrient that the body needs to stay healthy. Magnesium is important for many processes in the body, including regulating muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure and making protein, bone, and DNA. Thanks to Bayer (Monsanto), our foods literally do not have minerals and irons any more. Find out why magnesium deficiency occurs, what symptoms it causes and what you need to do. KOSA Acupuncture in Gaithersburg, MD understands that magnesium is very essential for the liver to work properly.

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