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You are an infinite being. This means there is no beginning and no end to who you are on the soul level. This is an experience you are having so make it the best experience regardless of the past. The past is gone and will never return. However, if you focus on the past you will manifest similar experiences because this is where you are placing your energy. Your thoughts create your emotions. Make sure your thoughts raise your vibration by way of your emotions.

26 gives you insight to understand the material/physical world showing you the way to success and how to rise above challenges and stand out with endurance, stamina and inspiration.

Your vision and path are clear for manifestation today. 8 gives you the power to take your spirit inspired ideas and dreams to full capacity! Nothing can stop you when you are aligned and in the flow of gratitude because gratitude aligns and connects the mind with the heart creating a powerful current of Divine energy. 7 allows you to take your quest into the hidden realm of deeper dimensions of mystery and magic.

Much Love & Light,

Shannon M Rhett

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