Dr. Monica's Vegas Holistic Health Emporium

Dr. Monica's Vegas Holistic Health Emporium is Your one-stop-shop for ALL your health, wellness & beauty essentials. Self-Care IS Healthcare. My all natural therapeutic blends are "life giving miracles in a bottle"  I invite you to check out my custom crafted line of all natural, anti-aging beauty & wellness products blended with my 101 year-young Nana's Family Recipes & Secrets, premium essential oils, herbs & LOVE!
My custom 100% natural therapeutic wellness serums may fill the gap for preventative healthcare. As a Doctor of Holistic Medicine, serving specific underserved communities; my online emporium affords unlimited access to EVERY-BODY. And, my wellness blends have been called "Life Giving Miracles In A Bottle". To my clients, I am known as the Fountain Of Youth Guru(TM) and the . I AM Honored to serve those with dis-ease in their body temples. Your Health IS Your Wealth. Make Yourself YOUR Investment.


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Dr. Monica's Vegas Holistic Health Emporium: all natural beauty & wellness
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Dr. Monica Bickerstaff,Certified Clinical Holistic Health Practitioner & Fountain Of Youth Guru(TM)
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Dr. Monica's Vegas Holistic Health Emporium: "Self-Care IS Healthcare"
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Dr. Monica Bickerstaff, DHM featured at Yoga Kandy, LLC
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Client's Praisesong for Dr. Monica Bickerstaff
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Dr. Monica's Sacred Spiritual Spa Bath Soak.png
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DIY Aroma Quickie: Breathe EZ(TM)
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Nana's Healthy Hair Elixir - grow stronger, thicker, longer hair for ALL hair types
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Cutie-licious Cuticles & Peppermint Pedis(TM)
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Peace Of Mind sensual & warming massage oil
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Sacred Spiritual Spa Bath Soak
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