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To truly get healthy you need to detoxify and rebuild at the cellular level.  How do you measure it?

Hair Analysis can show you the map toward your best health by showing mineral levels

and heavy metal toxicity that needs to be cleaned out. 

From Dec. 20-31st receive a 15% discount/up to $225 on services!

You can feel Energy, Vibrancy, Clarity, Motivation, Strength, Calmness and so much more to achieve your life goals.

See what your body's savings account looks like and scientifically watch the improvements!

I would love to hear from you to help you FEEL like yourself again!

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If used with citric acid (it opens your blood/brain barrier) Aluminum is deposited in the brain even faster :(
Please find other ways!

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Have you ever thought maybe it's NOT your thyroid, adrenals, lack of will power or motivation? Maybe heavy metal toxicity is inhibiting receptors and literally weighing you down!

Maybe, you are eating incorrectly for your oxidation.

I would love to help you find the cause on a cellular level!

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Please watch for more information on Glyphosate (Roundup) and if you're ready to get started detoxifying this poison, contact me for a $50 gift card to use immediately. I'm at

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What do you know about hair analysis?
I'm so honored to share this article to help people understand the importance and value of getting healthy from the cell out!
There's only one you, take the best care of it possible!
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What is your oxidation rate?

Do you have a lot of free radicals/oxidants? 

What can you do about it?

Our body is an electrical being with electrons fueling our cells within the mitochondria.  If you have a low supply, you are exhausted.  Damaged cells with oxidants steal electrons from healthy ones thus creating another Oxidants.  It’s like a piece of gum collecting debris causing a big pile of garbage.  If you don’t have the energy or strength to clean it up, it grows, eventually causing disease.  We can not possibly eat enough anti-oxidant food within a day due to our depleted soils and foods.  Supplementation to rebuild and detoxification is key!!   Our AMAZING bodies can combat this and heal itself with the right tools.  Since we are all unique, we need specific tools and ways of detoxifying to allow it to happen. To find out where you are and to have a plan you can measure it scientifically with a hair analysis.  It is your map to tracking and directing you to better health!

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Please know your quality of products.  Use time tested, practitioner recommended supplements to get what you pay for.

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