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Today's thought:
It's great to be out in the mean facebook streets shouting about your cause.. But what does your own life look like in the background?
I see a lot of people with some major political preoccupations having massive, inappropriate, nasty arguments with friends and followers... when their own health, home environment and relationships are in the toilet.
Don't get it twisted, I'm not saying you have to have to be perfect to be an activist...
What I'm saying is that rage and panic-posting is a great distraction from the things you may be scared to go deep on in your own life.
An example: We know now that poor gut health is intimately linked to depression and mood instability. So if you're waving your triggers around online but your diet is horrific, you might want to log out for a bit and take care of yourself so that you can actually tune into *what you're really feeling*... not what your dysbiosis and parasites are feeling.
We also know that when people feel unsafe, their nervous system will reach for wherever it has found safety in the past, regardless of how appropriate or useful that particular coping mechanism is at this stage of their life.
So, the recommendation would be to examine your behaviour patterns and the 'emotional homes' you frequent, to see if they're still producing a healthy and desirable outcome.
We tend to be firm judges of others, and amazing lawyers for ourselves.
I will tell you from experience that switching that up from time to time is really eye-opening.
Feel free to share your experience with this in the comments x