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Counting Time With Jelly Beans?

We all realize there’s a limit to our life, to what we can experience and achieve. We only have so much TIME. When you see it measured in jelly beans, it provides a whole other perspective. After working, commuting, eating, sleeping, bathing, cooking, watching, worrying, and fearing, ask yourself, what would you plan to do… Read More

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A Musical Look At Global Warming

This amazing video about climate change was created by Luca Cattaneo and Alberto Filippini for SmileLab. The music was composed by Matteo Negrin, from his album “Glocal Sound.” And the talented hand belongs to artist Alice Ninni. Enjoy its beauty.

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Vulnerability ~ Just Show Up!

In this interview with One Plus One’s, Whitney Fitzsimmons, Social researcher and Professor, Brené Brown, discusses vulnerability, perfectionism and courage. She talks about so many things that resonate with me. She states that even in parenting, it’s not about what we know as parents, but who we are. I can’t teach my sons resiliency if… Read More

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