Unity is Strength

When there's teamwork and collaboration wonderful things can be achieved.

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"The first connection to 'self' begins with YOU! Your capacity, your empathy, your desire to LOVE YOUrself will transcend to others around you. These are the people, then, that you can trust & call to your heart and you to theirs. BUT, the FIRST connection; your FIRST Heart-to-Heart rests with YOU"... see more Monica Bickerstaff, MSJ,CChP & Fountain Of Youth Guru(TM)
1. Ground yourself You cannot be fully present in your life if you are only in your head. It is important to be connected to your body and your spirit to gain full access to your power. In the words of ABC Network Screenwriter & Media Mogul, Shonda Rhimes "DANCE IT OUT!"

2. Honor Your Feelings If you get stuck in the “shoulds” there is a lack of connection and the energy level goes down. When fear is present, give your inner child a hug.
3. Look for the joy in the present Look for the simple things that make you smile. Appreciate what you do have: stop focusing so much on what you do not have. Speak only words of harmony.
4. Acknowledge yourself as valuable and then treat yourself with the care that you would give to a valuable person You will naturally notice a greater willingness to let go of unhealthy, destructive behaviors or growth inhibiting relationships of all kinds.
5. Take small consistent steps towards achieving your goals Break your goals down into doable action steps. Commit to 5 minutes of meditation, do 10 sit-ups/pushups. Save ... see more __item_content_more__.00 a week in a savings jar.
6. Get support Know that you do not have to do everything yourself. Connect to a supportive community. Find an exercise partner. Hire a coach. Get a venting partner.
7. Be aware of your negative gremlins…and find ways to deal with them Negative voices in our heads create stress and make it harder to move forward. It is important for you to be the internal traffic controller- Learn to be a master of your mind. Get help if you need it.
8. Let Spirit be the CEO of your life The past is over and NOW is the time when you co-create your future. The Divine may have bigger plans for you so always add “this or something better when setting goals."
Monica Bickerstaff, MSJ, CChP, Certified Clinical Holistic Health Practitioner & Fountain Of Youth Guru(TM)
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You know all the answers. Listen to your own voice, your own #soul. You are your own #guru. #beautiful #love #amazing #life #beauty #healthy #motivation #happy #instadaily #wellness #inspiration #empowerment #meditation #personalgrowth #goodvibes #spirituality #selflove #positivity #gratitude #yoga #healing... see more #mindfulness #holisticunited
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We are shaped by our #thoughts; we become what we think. When the #mind is pure, #joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. #beautiful #love #amazing #life #beauty #healthy #motivation #wellness #inspiration #empowerment #meditation #personalgrowth #goodvibes #spirituality #selflove #positivity... see more #gratitude #healing #mindfulness #holisticunited
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Within you there is a #stillness and a #sanctuary to which you can retreat at anytime and be yourself. #beautiful #love #amazing #life #beauty #bestoftheday #healthy #motivation #happy #wellness #inspiration #empowerment #meditation #personalgrowth #goodvibes #spirituality #selflove #positivity #gratitude... see more #yoga #healing #mindfulness #holisticunited
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The Attitude of Gratitude by Monica Bickerstaff
“ Be grateful for the gift of the present. Living in the present opens doors to self awareness” Monica Bickerstaff, MSJ,ChP Certified Holistic Health Practitioner/ Fountain of Youth Guru™
This morning I woke up with the phrase “An Attitude... see more Of Gratitude” singing chorus in my head. Now, I feel that I am GRATEFUL EVERY-day for EVERY-thing. So, why was the singing in my head getting louder and louder and why THIS morning? And, no; I didn’t have an oil or an herb for this one! ☺

So, I did some soul digging and I realized that for the very first time…in a very long time…I am truly at a point of peaceful awareness of ME. And, I AM really digging this chick! A LOT!!!! So, does an attitude of gratitude reflect the core of our soul? Is it a point of self -awareness that we are constantly striving for? Or is it a natural, organic evolution of our conscious state of being? Ok, is this too heavy for Hump Day?
Studies show that people who cultivate feelings of gratitude have better health, feel more connected, achieve more of their goals and improve their relationships. Ok, we get that. But, for some, how do we get there?
Here are some ways you might practice gratitude:
• Notice: In any given moment; look around you and offer yourself this blessing; “I am grateful for _____” • Write: At the end of the day, write down three things that occurred that day for which you are grateful. • Share: Share your gratitude with others. Notice the power that a positive connection can create. • Commit: Offer yourself the GIFT of gratitude and select a time of day to practice…BE GRATEFUL FOR YOU (that’s a great starting point)
Ultimately, offering gratitude daily benefits us physiologically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually…so, why not offer up a piece of humble pie. The meditative anchor of gratitude can effortlessly ground us back into the humanity of our reality.
Peace!Monica Bickerstaff, MSJ,ChP, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner & Fountain Of Youth Guru(TM)

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