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Here you will find information that will help you familiarize yourself with the various apps within our community.

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 As the HU Community continues to grow, we are constantly working to develop apps that will help our members connect, collaborate and grow.

To this end, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Banners app.  This new feature allows members to post ads to promote their practice, products, services or events.  Although Banners can only be posted by members, they can be seen by both members and non-members.

Although we recommend the default Banner type, which is image based, you also have the option to post a text Banner (the size for both is 400x120dpi). 

In order to post your own Banner, simply click on your profile picture, located in the top right corner of your screen, and then scroll down the pop-up window and select Banners.

When listing a new Banner, select Image or Text (again, we recommend Image).  Then select how you want the Banner to run:

  • Number of days
  • Number of page impressions
  • Number of clicks

In the “Days” field, enter the number of days, impressions or clicks you want to purchase.  You can start the Banner display immediately, or at a future date.

In the URL field, enter the web address where you want users directed when they click on your Banner.  You can direct them to an existing web page, or to a “Lead Page” if you want to track a specific promotion.  If you need help publishing a “Lead Page”, simply send an email to support@holisticunited.comwith “Lead Page” as the Subject line.

Now upload the image that you want displayed for your Banner. You can view the Banner analytics by clicking on the ‘info’ icon (located on the top right corner of your Banner), you will be able to see the total number of days, impressions and clicks for your Banner.  If you do prefer to post a Text Banner, you will also be required to enter a Caption (or title).

If you have any questions, send an email to support@holisticunited.comwith “Banners” as the Subject line.

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We are excited to share some of the newest features that we have added to the HU Community.  You can now post your own Polls and Quizzes.

Polls are an ideal way to engage with HU Members.  The Polls will allow you to connect with holistic practitioners quickly, and you will be able to conduct informal research for free.  The real-time access to the results will enable you to analyze the results quickly and easily.  This informal research tool is easy to set up and easy for other members to respond.

Polling can be used as a great addition to any social media strategy by providing: 

1)     feedback on your products and services

2)     a better understanding of your community

3)     stronger ties with your community

4)     additional content (in addition to the original poll you should also broadcast the results)

A Quiz is defined as a brief, informal test of knowledge, and can serve as a very effective online training tool.  Quizzes can help HU members understand subject matters which they have mastered and identify subject areas that they may enjoy learning more about. 

Similar to Polls, Quizzes will help engage the HU Community.  Members can also use quizzes to help identify the knowledge gaps within the community, which will make it easier to determine what information to contribute to the broader community.

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MARKETPLACE (Public and Private)

We are pleased to let you know that we have updated the HU Community marketplace.  When we originally launched the HU Community, the Marketplace was only accessible by members.  As a ‘closed community’, new members are either invited by existing members or by HU Community Managers – this ensures the integrity of the Holistic community and its members.  

We will be relaunching a new Public Marketplace, allowing members to sell goods and services to non-members.  We hope that the new Public Marketplace will enable members to generate incremental sales to members and non-members alike. 

When you purchase goods or services, they will be added to your ‘shopping cart’.  When you are ready to pay for the items, access your profile by clicking on your name, located in the top right corner of your screen.  Select the Shopping Carts feature, and complete your purchase by paying for the items.

When you want to list items in the Members Only or Public Marketplace, remember that you can list merchandise, as well as ‘online services’.  In order to integrate the Public Marketplace within our closed community, we had to work with Shopify*, a third party ‘shopping cart’ provider.

Listing merchandise or online services will raise awareness of your business and the goods or services you provide.  In addition to incremental sales opportunities, your listing may also help you expand your business by connecting with other members who may offer complimentary goods and services.

Note that HU does not charge fees or commissions for any listings (public or private) - you only pay your standard transaction fees charged by your online payment provider.

 *Members who wish to list items in the Public Marketplace will be required to establish an account with Shopify (plans start as low as $9/month, plus credit card and transaction fees).  A Shopify account is NOT required to list items in the Members Only marketplace.


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We want all HU members to take full advantage of the powerful features available within the community.  One of the more powerful features is Events/Classes.  This feature allows members to post any events or Classe that they are hosting.  The events and classes listed can be either live events taking place at your business, or virtual events or classes that are broadcast or streamed online.

Members can post, manage, and search events.  The feature allows members to view all Events/Classes with various formats (e.g. event ‘tiles’ or traditional calendar).  

When you select a specific Event, you will see full event details, and you will have the option to Join Events.

By posting your Events and Classes within the HU Community, you will bring awareness to your business and area of expertise.  The broader HU community may help spread awareness of your expertise by sharing your events on various social media platforms.

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We’ve all heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words”, right?  The Album feature within HU, allows all members to easily express themselves, by sharing their stories with photos.

Have you recently hosted an Event, had a grand (re)opening, or just wanted to share images of you and your team?  If so, create a new Album, from your Profile, and upload the corresponding images.  It’s a fast and easy way to share more about you and your business.

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We have previously provided information on our Articles feature.  Today we want to ensure you are also aware of our Blog feature.  Some basic differences between Articles and a Blog are:

  • Blog posts tend to be less formal and tend to have a more casual writing style
  • They are typically shorter than Articles
  • Blog posts tend to be based on personal opinion, and usually are not based on interviews, research or Subject Matter Experts

One benefit of Blog posts is that other community members can also comment with their opinions, creating an opportunity for everyone to expand their connections within HU.

Regardless of whether you post Blogs or Articles, be sure to use the hashtag feature, which makes it easier for the community to search posts and see what is trending within the HU community.

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Our goal at HU is to provide a platform for Conversation, Collaboration and Community. An easy way to actively participate in the community is to post articles that pertain to your area of expertise.  Any content that you post will help to build your online profile and credibility.

Articles will help you to connect with other members that may have similar or complementary backgrounds. As members read, like and share your posts, you will continue to expand your network, which will hopefully provide additional resources for you, as well as potential business opportunities.

After posting your first article, be sure to continue to post on a regular basis, to ensure you are an active member of the Community.

We recognize that not everyone is comfortable writing and publishing articles.  An easy way to transition into the process is to begin by following other members with whom you have common interests.  Follow different members so that you have access to various different writing styles.

Start by sharing articles that you find interesting.  Also, join in on the conversation by commenting on posted articles.  All of this will help you become more comfortable with the thought of posting your own articles!

The next step is to write an article – send it to some friends and trusted colleagues for feedback –and then post it.  Before you know it, you will be publishing articles with a list of your own followers!

Follow the link below, to see articles posted by one of our members:


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We want to ensure that all members take full advantage of the features within the HU community. Today, we want to provide you with more information on the various communications apps that are available to you.

We have two primary ways to communicate with other HU members.  The first app, Conversations, acts like a traditional email platform, and the second app, Messenger, is a ‘chat’ platform.  Both are accessed by clicking on your name, located in the top right corner of your screen, beside your profile picture.

As noted above, Conversations acts like a traditional email platform, so it is better suited for longer messages that may require attachments, etc.  People typically take longer to respond to an email due to the fact that it is usually contains more information, requiring more time to review and respond to the message.

Like most email systems, you have the ability to format your message.  You also have the ability to insert images, video, insert hyperlinks, and attach multiple documents.

The Messenger feature is a ‘chat’ platform, which can be sent to multiple recipients.  Typically, shorter conversations, or items that require a faster response time, are better suited for the Messenger feature.

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After you set up your personal profile, you should also set up your “Business Profile”.  To do this, click on your name/profile pic, located in the top right corner of your screen.  A ‘drop down’ menu will appear – scroll down and select “Profile”.  Under your profile picture, you will see a Menu bar - scroll to the right, select Organizations, and add your Business Profile.

The information fields for the Business Profile are very similar to those for the Personal Profile.  Again, be sure to provide as much information as possible.  Once your Business Profile is set up, be sure to select the “Add Friend” feature from your Personal Profile to ‘connect’ the profiles.  Similarly, if you have other team members who have Personal Profiles, they should also select the “Add Friend” feature for the Business Profile.

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The first thing for you to do, after receiving your invitation to join the HU community, is to set up your personal Profile.  Be sure to include as much information as possible, as it will help other HU community members to get to know you, your brand, and your area of expertise.  Include the information for your social media accounts, including twitter, facebook and a personal website if you have one.

Also upload a photo of yourself – a ‘head shot’ including head and shoulders is the best size for the thumbnail display.  Once you have completed populating the profile fields, save the information.  Your profile will automatically include our standard cover image, at the top of your profile.  You can easily customize this image – simply open your profile, select the ‘gear’ icon, and “Edit Cover”.  

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At HU we want to make it easy for you to access our community whenever you want.  That is why we have made our community ‘mobile friendly’, so that you can easily engage in Conversation and Collaboration within the Community, on any device.

When you access the HU site from a mobile device, you will see a message instructing how to add our Web App to your Home Screen.  Once added, the HU icon on your Home Screen will make it easy to launch and access the HU community.

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