Mastering the Mind towards Emotional Intelligence

Aha!...I've achieved mindful mastery.  Ha!...yeah, right.  I am a lifelong learner in this regard. I can only reach for progress each day.  This morning,  I listened to a little infomercial by "Inner Engineering" about humans facing challenges and blaming their misery on their job, their spouse, their car, etc  It went on to share a story about how people can contort themselves into myriad positions, figuratively speaking, within.  If only each Being can simply align with Joy, they were stating. He described offering to host retreat space for people who wanted spiritual help, and offering to feed them nourishing foods if only they could let themselves align with joy.  Simple, right?!?  It got my attention, because I continue to learn that people do not experience this feeling on a consistent basis. 

To go within and be accountable for one's own mental equilibrium and emotional health is indeed a step towards mastery in my opinion. It is the pan in which to put the loaf batter. (baking metaphor because I love creating comfort foods!)  When our mind is set on "present", "breath" and "who I am" modes, the direct result is peace, in my experience!  From this place, one can more easily find the 'joy' setting.

I cannot fathom how my mind used to be on the spin cycle (now it's laundry) so often in past years. Don't get me wrong, it can still go there and then I step back and allow my churning thoughts to drift down to the ground like the leaf from a tree.  When I do this, I stand again in my power as a spiritual being while at the same time, staying humble, as I recognize that there is a power greater than I...the one who made the tree:)  AND I will align much better to that Power when my mind is calm. (or on gratitude).

   I had an epiphany this week about it being that mastering my mind contributes significantly to developing emotional intelligence.  As I understand it, my emotions arise from what my mind is thinking.  I therefore can regulate the dial of my emotions somewhat...emphasis on the word 'somewhat', as I am an Empath!  It is quite challenging for an Empath to detach from others energies and emotional waves yet not impossible.  Practise makes progress!  I am at a point where I shall work on mastering my thinking each and every day, so that I may not only regulate my emoting, yet will assist with my spiritual expansion.  The latter is my main purpose here in earth school, I believe.   

by Raine Eller

January 18, 2018

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