Reshaping the Way Patients Find a Holistic Doctor


Holistic Medicine is in higher demand by the day. Yet, finding a primary care holistic doctor is very difficult for patients, due to the lack of regulation of certain professions.

How are holistic practitioners trained? What can I expect? Can I trust their credentials? Am I making the right decision? These questions are pretty much in the mind of every patient looking for holistic treatment. They find themselves confronted with lists of consultants, healers, holistic therapists who, in spite of their valuable contribution, are not doctors.

Francoise Becquey, a holistic marketer with over 30 years of tenure in the holistic field, created to resolve this problem. She created a directory where consumers can find practitioners with the accredited medical training that qualifies them as primary care doctors exclusively.

Francoise believes that holistic doctors, with their unquestionable credentials, are the backbone of holistic medicine, and they need to be differentiated as such.

The directory also includes holistic dentists and holistic veterinarians and offers the ability to select doctors based on whether they offer consultations in their office only, give house calls or offer telemedicine services.

You can access the list at

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