Why Not Feed Your Pets A Raw Diet?

Dog with raw food and kibble

Not a day goes by that I don't see people posting on social media or emailing me about their new puppy or kitten (or adult dog and/or cat) having digestive issues.  The majority of these people have already taken the animal to a veterinarian (or several) and spent a lot of money on blood tests, fecal tests, dewormers, antibiotics, medications, several different brands of pet food and/or expensive ingredients to make their own "home cooked" diet.  Sadly, all to no avail; the digestive issues continue. 

They are desperately looking for a way to help their pet be healthy again.  They are asking what brand of food others might recommend, or if supplements might be the answer and if so, which ones? 

The majority of people who email me  or request a consultation are the ones that have "tried everything" they have heard or been told to do.  My first question for them is:  "Have you considered feeding a raw diet? "

I get varied responses to that question but most of the responses are that they have not considered such a "drastic" thing until now and they ask me how feeding a raw diet could possibly help digestive issues in their dogs.

I guess I am still in awe of how many people can still believe feeding a processed pet food is feeding a proper diet to their companion animals.

Next time, in part 2 we will talk about "WHY" we should feed our pets raw food vs. processed pet food.


Interested in more in-depth information on proper nutrition for your dog or cat? Check out the  Carnivore Nutrition course at the American Council of Animal Naturopathy. 



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