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  • Thank you for the opportunity to specify my services.
      • Although "Mind-Body Therapies" was the best fit for options in your poll, I will also often use "Complementary & Integrative Therapies" which emphasizes a "team approach" and that the CAM service is offered in concert with other licensed healthcare practitioners.

      • Thanks for opening this up for discussion!  I am a clinically qualified aromatherapist and that type of work is kind of on the fence.  It could be a CAM modality but it doesn't always follow a "whole medical system" paradigm.  I am happy being categorized as CAM though, if that works best for you!

        • I really am a Brain Health Expert and Coach, but my background is conventional and naturopathic medicine as well as having personal experience as a mental health in - and I really understand my clinets on a deep level. As a conventional doctor I am of course knowledgeable about pharmaceuticals, but my naturopathic background (German-trained) gives me a deep insight in other systems, supplements, herbs, etc. etc. 

          So I am doing my own brand of integrative, functional or complimentary medicine and mind-body-medicine as well of course using other practitioners as needed, supplements, etc. etc...

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