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    • Although "Mind-Body Therapies" was the best fit for options in your poll, I will also often use "Complementary & Integrative Therapies" which emphasizes a "team approach" and that the CAM service is offered in concert with other licensed healthcare practitioners.

    • Thanks for opening this up for discussion!  I am a clinically qualified aromatherapist and that type of work is kind of on the fence.  It could be a CAM modality but it doesn't always follow a "whole medical system" paradigm.  I am happy being categorized as CAM though, if that works best for you!

      • I really am a Brain Health Expert and Coach, but my background is conventional and naturopathic medicine as well as having personal experience as a mental health in - and I really understand my clinets on a deep level. As a conventional doctor I am of course knowledgeable about pharmaceuticals, but my naturopathic background (German-trained) gives me a deep insight in other systems, supplements, herbs, etc. etc. 

        So I am doing my own brand of integrative, functional or complimentary medicine and mind-body-medicine as well of course using other practitioners as needed, supplements, etc. etc...

        • Thank you Holistic United for the opportunity to explain my services! 

          I suspect all of us here could classify as mind-body therapists because to work in the field of holistic medicine means we understand the interconnectedness of our whole being.

          I came into alternative health after a long and successful career in business and retail management and after having over a dozen major orthopedic surgeries over the course of my life to treat severe congenital bilateral hip dysplasia. 

          I would consider my life high stress - both physiologically and mentally/emotionally from the moment I began having surgeries at 10 years old.  For numerous reasons, I developed a kind of negative feedback loop in my mind's process which eventually combined with my already stressed physical body resulting in full mind-body-spirit breakdown.

          I became certified in holistic therapeutic counseling and nutrition and devised a mind-body program I call Mind Files to teach others how to bring themselves back into balance holistically - mind, body and Spiritually.  Mind Files teaches people how to identify the intellectual and emotional blocks that are keeping them from living the life they were meant to live and teaches them how to resolve those blocks. 

          Thanks again for the interaction!

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