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Yet Another Great Way To Deliver Hydrogen For The Myriad Health Benefits It Gives!

I first found out about the ionic foot-baths from a psychoanalytic patient of mine who had just returned from London. He told me about (what he considered to be) an amzing device that had boostred his energy, and gotten rid of a long-standing leg pain. I liked what he said enough to look for the device he described, and after a reasonable amount of research, I subsequently bought it for La Casa.


As I was awaiting delivery of it, La Casa got a phone call from a woman, Susan, who had been told by the manufacturer that we had bought the device. She was eager to come in for a session. I had to regrettably tell her the device hadn't arrived yet from England. She called the next week, re-asking for an appointment. Again, I had to tell her that I wasn't ready to perform the treatment -- that  although it had arrived, I hadn't hadn't time to take it out of the box. She called yet again the next week; by then, it was out of the box, but we hadn't figured out how to use it. Finally, a month after her first inquiry, the device was ready to be used, and she happily came in for the treatment.


I asked her why she was so enthusiastic about it, and told her that I had never had a client hound me for a session as she had. She told me that she (like my psychoanalytic patient) had had the treatment in London. She had walked into the spa hobbling because of a spasm in her calf. When she left the spa, she saw the bus she needed on the corner about to take off, and she realized that she would have to run to catch it. Instead of hobbling, she was fleet-footed. Got the bus. Was happy and pain-free.


Susan became a regular client for La Casa's Pedi-Detox therapy. Since that first appointment with Susan, we have performed thousands of sessions with the Aqua-Detox device. Just one of the experiences we had was with a woman, Miriam, who had been diagnosed with cervical cancer. She had been treated successfully for it, but felt that a good cleanse was called for. The first time Miriam used the device, the water turned stark black, and became thick with mass. By the time Miriam came to La Casa, I I had had exoerience with hundreds of sessions with the device, and had never seen the water morph into such a dark color with such thick gook. Miriam bought a series of 30 sessions By the end of those sessions, the water was turning a light brown, and the ugly gooky mass had disappeared.


A few years later, about 5 years ago, the TV show Inside Edition called me to ask if I would go on their show to talk about the Ionic foot- bath. I said I wasn’t interested. 


The next day, I was walking out of my building to go to yoga class, and I was confronted a bevy of reporters and cameras, yelling in my ear that they wanted a statement from me. I kept walking, not prepared to talk to the press. They followed me down the street, still yelling, accusing me of dastardly deeds by offering what they described, on-air, as a useless therapy. I referred them to the research on the device, which is plentiful, as well as testimonials. I did offer the information that the device has a Class II certification as a medical device in UK (insuring safety). It was also rigorously tested and passed under the MDD (Medical Device Directive) in Europe. But their position was clear. Inside Edtion was doing a hatchet job.


I am bringing this unpleasant experience up because apparently Inside Edition re-aired the piece the other day. Lots of people listen to Inside Edition, including some of La Casa’s clients. That day four clients cancelled their Pedi-Detox appointments. 


I want to refer to what the esteemed Dietrich Klinghardt has said about the ionic foot-bath. If you don’t know his name, check out the panel to the right, and follow the links. He is one of the most trusted voices in the holistic field. His reach is enormous, his integrity impeccable, the respect he garners legion.


He explains that during an ionic foot-bath session, large concentrations of negative hydrogen ions are released during the process of electrolysis. (The array that sits in the water is what effects this electro-chemical reaction.) These ions are then absorbed into the body by osmosis through the epidermis of the foot. Once entered into the system, these negatively charged ions act as ultra high-powered antioxidants.


The feet are specifically used because they provide a large surface area of pores for the absorption of these negative hydrogen ions. It is these hydrogen ions that provide the detoxifying benefits of an ionic foot-bath. And, it is simply more comfortable than placing your hands, face or entire body in the water for an extended period of time.


Klinghardt further explains: “An antioxidant is a compound which has a weak attraction to one of its electrons. It readily surrenders an electron to a free radical that neutralizes it and ends the electron 'stealing' reaction. The ion does not become a free radical by donating an electron because it is stable in either form. Once the free radical is neutralized, it can be removed from the body.”


The negative hydrogen ions are thus acting as free radical hunter-gatherers, helping to prevent cell and tissue damage.


In terms of La Casa’s experience, we have had good success with the device. We routinely have clients saying they feel better after using it. But we also have seen improvement in various diseases, including long-standing degenerative diseases. We stand by our understanding of the therapeutic efficacy of the technology. And, if you are a reader of past Musings, you will know that we are IN LOVE with hydrogen, and feel that it is going to revolutionize the practice of medicine. The Pedi-Detox is one more way that we have of delivering the all-important hydrogen molecules to the body.


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