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A day dedicated to self-expression as your message of truth carries the power today to penetrate all forms and reach into people’s hearts. Express your authentic self with confidence. It is a highly creative day so focus on the life you are creating for yourself on this day of cosmic consciousness.

The number 21 must express its creativity. The more you can be in creative mode the more fluidity your day will have.

3 loves to explore the matters of the heart. 3 is the combination of 1 and 2 bringing together masculine and feminine energies to create. Using your talents today will uplift you and bring you joy. Be sure to learn or discover something new in your world today and embrace the freedom to be who you are.

11 is the number of clairvoyance. It is another highly intuitive day to channel Divine wisdom. You should feel better balanced today with the energy of 11 in play if you have been feeling a little out of sorts with all the planets that are in retrograde.


Much Love & Light,                                                                                              Shannon M Rhett                                                                                                  Spiritual Attunement Practitioner


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A day of excellence and authority blended with a humanitarian spirit. Today is filled with courage, love, compassion and wise leadership. 27 shows us how to share and uplift others with no expectations of anything in return. Only a fully open heart can give and receive with the understanding of our interconnectedness through cosmic consciousness.

9 gives you the confidence to elevate the everyday ordinary, into the extraordinary and meaningful. Embrace your human experience and mission with artistic nature. Do not be afraid of true intimacy.

8 stands the test of time achieving greatness with justice and honor. Both 8 & 9 carry the vibration of great leadership so step into your leadership role with confidence today.

Much Love & Light,

Shannon M Rhett

#courage #love #compassion #wise #leadership #share #uplift #confidence #extraordinary #vibration #guide #compass #internal #wisdom

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You are an infinite being. This means there is no beginning and no end to who you are on the soul level. This is an experience you are having so make it the best experience regardless of the past. The past is gone and will never return. However, if you focus on the past you will manifest similar experiences because this is where you are placing your energy. Your thoughts create your emotions. Make sure your thoughts raise your vibration by way of your emotions.

26 gives you insight to understand the material/physical world showing you the way to success and how to rise above challenges and stand out with endurance, stamina and inspiration.

Your vision and path are clear for manifestation today. 8 gives you the power to take your spirit inspired ideas and dreams to full capacity! Nothing can stop you when you are aligned and in the flow of gratitude because gratitude aligns and connects the mind with the heart creating a powerful current of Divine energy. 7 allows you to take your quest into the hidden realm of deeper dimensions of mystery and magic.

Much Love & Light,

Shannon M Rhett

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