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It is time to release and be liberated so unresolved issues will not keep you from the full expression of your Divinity. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Another great day of a powerful awakening as we partner together.

The number 20 shows us how to work in harmony together for the greater cause with Divine protection. It is time to decide which direction you want your life to go.

The 0 in 20 magnifies the vibration in the togetherness of 2. 2 is also the number of peace, balance, harmony and partnership with great sensitivity. Your intuition is strong today so use it wisely and do not dismiss it.

10 means another day of instant manifestation so focus on what you want and the direction you are going. If you do not like the direction you are headed, focus on the things that make you smile and feel loved in order to manifest more of these things in your life.

Much Love & Light,

Shannon M Rhett

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The same numerological code of Independence that was activated on 7/4/1776 is activated today! This is truly amazing! 4 symbolizes family, honor, grounding and security. A day to honor family including our founding fathers who saw the bigger picture of freedom and independence through change.  

It is a day to take risks and think outside the box as 23 is the powerful “Royal Star of the Lion” number and with it comes the strongest, most courageous vibration. Your connection to courage is secured today! 23 reduces to 5, a vibration of freedom, change, adventure and independence!

Rejoice and step into all the changes that liberate you, allowing you to securely live life to the fullest!

Much Love & Light,

Shannon M Rhett


#grounding #security #strong #adventure #rejoice

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