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Let your inner child love, play, dance, draw, color and sing today. It is the imaginative, playful child who manifests through faith producing peace. This is a day of ultimate peace by engaging the mind, body and spirit to manifest into reality. By engaging the mind, body and spirit through the eyes of your inner child, sprinkled with faith you will manifest anything you desire. A child is eager to express themselves and knows no other way to be. This is expressed through the number 3.

22 is known as the Gandhi number representing inner and outer peace. When you have inner peace, you attract and vibrate at a higher vibration changing the world around you.

4 embodies and engages the mind, body and spirit in order to manifest into your reality. Life is fun, let it be fun! Enjoy the present moment like a two year old in great anticipation and wonder of their world.

Much Love & Light,

Shannon M Rhett

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