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You can learn from the past when it is seen as your guide, directing you to your highest good. The things we want most are found best in the things we don’t want. This is the day to look at and reevaluate the past as experiences you either liked or didn’t like to determine what you want, focusing your thoughts and emotions only on the things that bring you joy, make you feel loved and you are grateful for.

25 carries the power and ability to learn from the past and 7 likes solitude to discover the hidden mysteries of life. Take time alone to nurture your soul which is the vibration of the number 6 and to look within so the answers will come guiding you on your path to the reason you are here at this time, to fulfill your purpose. You are empowered to fully step into your purpose once your life lesson is revealed and embraced.

Astro-Numerology can reveal your life lessons and purpose through your birth code and natal chart. This information completely changed my life! It allowed me to uncover hidden truths about myself and confirmed as to why I would struggle with certain things and people. It is my purpose to share this information with those who are searching for the truth.

For a limited time, I am offering complete Soul Profile (Blueprint) Readings (6-7page report & a 50 min call) for only $97 (originally $189), to help people understand themselves on the soul level, revealing their lessons and discovering their path and purpose. I have been blessed to witness how this information empowers people to be who they really are and transforms their lives for the better.


Click the link and enter the coupon code (1633) for your complete Soul Profile (Blueprint) Reading!


Much Love & Light,

Shannon M Rhett


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Today is all about seeking the truth so you can fully express yourself and your talents to fulfill your life purpose in a way that only you can to the world. You must seek and uphold peace, harmony and balance in your quest. Put aside all feelings and thoughts of self-doubt, inadequacy, insecurity or rejections because these are only illusions (lies) you have created in your mind and body.

21 is called the “Crown of Magi” and is the mystical number of cosmic consciousness that governs truth. 21 is reduced to 3 which inspires you to gather inspiration from the past and remold it to manifest a new creation. Your passions are empowered today with truth and inspiration, now add your creativity and charm and you will have the perfect recipe for joy!

Much Love & Light,
Shannon M Rhett

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