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  • My personal empowerment is not from being a woman, feminism or feminist rights or girl power. It is simply my Divine Birthright stemming from my own Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within my sacred Consciousness.
    I don't claim any titles or labels. I don't identify with the two dimensional human concept of things.
    It's a state of consciousness. A state of BEing.
    There is no human interpretation to it. It just IS. Only the human ego has a need to dissect and dilute it into something that ends up separating and fragmenting us into something artificial.
    We don't need to be identified or defined by anything or anyone. We don't owe any kind of explanation to the limited illusions of this place.
    #limitations #unlimited #titles #beliefs #freeyourmind #thinkforyourself #truth #goddess #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #divine #birthright #justbe
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