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A day dedicated to self-expression as your message of truth carries the power today to penetrate all forms and reach into people’s hearts. Express your authentic self with confidence. It is a highly creative day so focus on the life you are creating for yourself on this day of cosmic consciousness.

The number 21 must express its creativity. The more you can be in creative mode the more fluidity your day will have.

3 loves to explore the matters of the heart. 3 is the combination of 1 and 2 bringing together masculine and feminine energies to create. Using your talents today will uplift you and bring you joy. Be sure to learn or discover something new in your world today and embrace the freedom to be who you are.

11 is the number of clairvoyance. It is another highly intuitive day to channel Divine wisdom. You should feel better balanced today with the energy of 11 in play if you have been feeling a little out of sorts with all the planets that are in retrograde.


Much Love & Light,                                                                                              Shannon M Rhett                                                                                                  Spiritual Attunement Practitioner


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A day of unique and inventive ideas on how to explore life to the fullest and ignite your ambitious nature. Everything that happens (positive or negative) is a reminder of your true origin. You are awakening to your true nature and destiny. 28 allows you to have an original approach to life. Opening and expanding your mind will open the door to many more opportunities for you to achieve your goals and fulfill your purpose.

It is important to focus on the positive things in your life as you tap into the powerful manifestation vibration that comes from the number 10. You can easily manifest your thoughts today (positive or negative). Be present and mindful.  

1 represents the masculine aspect of our human experiences. It also is the first number of the Mind Triad providing great mental resources and an active imagination. Stay focused on the present today in a flowing, creative state of being to thrive and reach your highest goals with astounding speed.

Much Love & Light,

Shannon M Rhett

#flow #divine #energy #present #mindful #positive #thrive #goals #speed #imagination #active #purpose #unique #inventive #achieve #expand #open #mind #ignite #ambitious #opportunities #original



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