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The 3 Pillars of Weight Loss


With a vision, anything is possible.

Triad uses a proven, science based approach to health and wellness. It provides engaging interactive one on one coaching sessions, comprehensive nutritional education and behaviour modification strategies.  

Healthy Nutrition:  Long term weight loss demands a healthy solution. When it comes to achieving long-term weight loss, the only real solution is a healthy approach. Healthy lifestyle changes will gradually yield long lasting results. You will lose your excess weight, and learn to keep it off. 

Fitness:  Physical activity is an important component of weight management. At the clinic our goal is to have patients find an activity that they enjoy, and to incorporate this activity into their routine on a regular basis as much as they are able to for lifelong success.

Effective Medication:  The physician at the TRIAD clinic will help you determine a healthy weight goal. The goal will be individualized and may need to be done in steps. The doctor will need to assess your overall medical health to determine if medication is right for you and to rule out medical causes of obesity.

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