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This is a day to serve others with passion and joy as you easily attract abundance and nurture relationships. 24 allows you to take responsibility for your life and goals as it deepens your desire to live in abundance and beauty. Allow your visions and dreams to nurture your soul and uplift others.

6 shows great devotion and support for harmony and is highly creative. If anything does not feel good, it is time to let it go. Surround yourself in beauty today as this will uplift your soul and be sensitive to your needs so you can be of greater support to others. If you are positively aligned with your birth code (more information below) money will be easily attracted to you today. It is through this attraction you will find the freedom you desire and seek found in the number 5 representing intelligence and adventure.

Life opens up amazing opportunities when you are positively aligned with your birth code!

To discover your personal birth code which reveals your life purpose, destiny and more I invite you to take this Free Mini Course (50 minutes) with me.https://spiritual-vitality-academy.teachable.com/p/discover…

Much Love & Light,
Shannon M Rhett

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