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Post Natal Depression info. To help.

Post Natal Depression info. To help.
• Talk to your partner and close friends, make a plan and focus on what will help to make the difference, ensure that you have some practical support. The focus must be on action rather than emotion.
• Contact your community nurse or health visitor, she will be used to seeing this and can give you some help and reassurance
• Take time to relax, learn how to relax using the power of self hypnosis, Read the books, listen to others but relax and trust your instincts
• Meet other Mums even if you feel that they are doing better than you…they will all have had their worries and down days.
• Exercise, even a light walk produces serotonin, natures feel good chemical
• Look at relaxation exercises
• Find a film or something that makes you giggle
• Check out your diet, you will probably need to take some omega 3 and 6, also the baby strips the Mothers zinc supply so taking a zinc supplement can really transform the way you feel. .
• Here are a few other tips too.
o Eat a lot of oily fish, herring, mackerel, sardines, salmon and tuna are all good.
o Eat a lot of raw fruit and vegetables (organic if possible) and seeds. Make up this mixture and use on breakfast cereal and in soups, one tablespoon a day. Make up equal quantities of sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and then three times the amount of flax (linseeds) together in a blender. Grind them until they are granulated and store the mixture in the fridge.
o Drink lots of water especially if you are breast feeding
• If you feel that you need some professional help seek the help of a Hypnotherapst who does short term solution focused therapy
Today's modern world applies so much pressure to be the perfect parent, lover and friend causing millions of new Mums and Dads to feel exhausted and subsequently unhappy. Tolerate the uncertainty of learning how to parent a child in your own way, the confidence and love for a baby isn't immediate for lots of people, but grows with time. They say that our children are our greatest teachers; your baby and you will learn and grow together, just like any other relationship. And as one midwife said to me 'I ain’t seen no baby born with a handbook'.

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