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Member Spotlight - Ron Thompson, CCHT

Meet Ron Thompson, Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center

HU: What inspires you?

Answer: Inspiration is not something that you have to look for. If you really want to achieve success in your life, then it can come from anywhere. Well for me, inspiration comes from my parents who always believe in me and support me to achieve my dreams. My passion, commitment and dedication in my mission: coach, counsel and mentor adults and students - to help them to become globally competent to achieve their dreams and goals.

HU: What is your biggest achievement to date (personal or professional)?

Answer: I have overcome 2 amputations of my legs, one kidney transplant and I’m blind. I trained for 4 years to become a clinical Hypnotherapist. That’s was big for me.

HU: What does a typical day look like for you?

Answer: Tracy is my wife and partner - we work from our home and so we are together day and night . We train tighter and work with clients everyday. At night we do recordings of sessions for our new website coming in the fall. We also to Skype therapy around the world so we seem to be always busy…


HU: What is your favorite current project and why?

Answer: Recording our seminars for different groups of people.

HU: If you could switch jobs with someone, who would it be and why?

Answer: I would love to become a inspirational and motivational speaker.


HU: What are your biggest professional challenges?

Answer: I think it is my eye sight and mobility issues. As well just keeping up to the changing social changes online.

HU: What’s the most rewarding aspect about your career?

Answer: People that email after working together and letting me know how life has changed for them.  For me that is very rewarding.

HU: What is your motto or personal mantra?

Answer: Changing ONE mind at a time.

HU: How do you maintain a healthy work/life balance?

Answer: I'm sure everybody knows to eat right and get their exercise every day as I do. More importantly is to turn off the phone and PC and enjoy life and your partner and do seeming for someone else and feel good about yourself. You will feel great.

HU: What is the greatest obstacle you have overcome?

Answer: Fear!  As many do, one thinks "Can I do this?", "Can I become who I want to be?".  After I lost my second leg I thought it was over but here I am and seeing clients everyday so have no fear, fill your destiny.

HU: What do you hope to share with the HU community?

Answer: Life … I have seen and gone through so much and still here.  I hope I can help people as well to see their path and stay on it.

HU: What do you hope to learn/gain from the HU community?

Answer: I love to learn, I love to see what people are doing and how they live their life.

HU:  Is there any other advice you would like to share with the HU Community?

Answer:  Give yourself credit. Often when we feel frustrated or upset we only concentrate on the bad things or the mistakes we’ve made instead of giving ourselves credit for what we do right.  Allow yourself to feel confident about the things you have accomplished, even if you’ve messed up in other areas.  Let go of the past.  It does not determine your future so why focus on it?  If you feel yourself ruminating on the past make a conscious effort to take your thoughts in another direction.


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