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Member Spotlight - Lisa Rufsholm

Meet Lisa Rufsholm - Hair Analysis Consultant:

HU:  What inspires you?

Answer: Helping people at all stages of health to improve their quality of life.  Finding the cause, eliminating symptoms and seeing clients improve brings me great joy!


HU: What is your biggest achievement to date (personal or professional)?

Answer: My proudest moments have been helping a woman conceive when she was told she never would, helping a young man to avoid removing 7 feet of intestine with Crohns, learning my elderly patient fell but had no broken bones or injuries and assisting a young man with schizophrenia past his violent internal voices are what fills my heart.


HU: What does a typical day look like for you?

Answer: I am typically typing a report, helping a client through a retracing symptoms, educating on natural health and working out every day.


HU: What is your favorite current project and why?

Answer: I am reaching out to stay at home moms, stressed out corporate employees and those who have been through the medical facilities with no answers or relief of symptoms to try alternative ways once we find possible causes through hair analysis.


HU: If you could switch jobs with someone, who would it be and why?

Answer: I wouldn’t trade my job with anyone because I love making a difference in the lives I’ve touched through hair analysis and the relationships I’ve built.


HU: What are your biggest professional challenges?

Answer: I love working with people so using technology, social media and marketing to share what hair analysis testing can do to improve and measure health has been a challenge.


HU:  What’s the most rewarding aspect about your career?

Answer: My reward is when a client has eliminated symptoms, disease or overcome physical limitations by improving their health


HU: What is your motto or personal mantra?

Answer: Get healthy from the cell out.  If you don’t know where you at, you cannot plan how to get to where you want to be!


HU: How do you maintain a healthy work/life balance?

Answer: We have to care for ourselves so we can be 100% for our loved ones so I take supplements, detoxify, eat clean, healthy foods and exercise daily.


HU: What is the greatest obstacle you have overcome?

Answer: I have such a burning desire to help people that I tend to want clients to do more for themselves than they are willing to do or change at times.  I had to learn to be ok with educating and supporting people where they are until they are ready too.


HU: What do you hope to share with the HU community?

Answer: Hair analysis is a wonderful tool to measure cellular mineral levels, heavy metal toxicity, thyroid and adrenal functions as well as cell permeability regardless of which program or diet people follow.  It IS the individual’s chemistry with no opinion or guesswork.


HU: What do you hope to learn/gain from the HU community?

Answer: I love to learn about other holistic modalities and aspects of healing.  The relationships built by sharing our knowledge creates a well rounded community to help others improve their lives.


HU: Who is your ideal client?

Answer: I work with infants, athletes, people of middle age to the elderly.  Those who want to maintain their health or correct serious issues all benefit from my program.


HU: What does the test show?

Answer:  Hair Analysis is scientifically and specifically what is in an individual’s cell level (mineral or heavy metal). No guessing, generalization or by symptom.  It IS your chemistry.  I can help what I can see and is proven.  Once we see what is not in balance we can start to detox and correct.  If you don’t know where you at, you cannot plan how to get to where you want to be!


Learn more about Lisa Rufsholm here.

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