Effective Mindfulness Technique for People Who Struggle to Meditate


The Easy Way to Master Mindfulness

Today, more than ever, we need all the quick and easy techniques we can to help tame stress and support us to deal with an ever-changing and challenging world.

Mindfulness-based practices have been a great support for many people in rediscovering calm and releasing the turmoil of a crazy, busy world. Now a fresh take on an old technique for bringing consciousness into harmony is taking mindfulness a few steps further. While mindfulness helps us live in the present, sophrology does both this and helps us to find peace and draw positives from our past; as well as prepare for the future. Sophrology is very good for people who find it difficult to meditate. It offers many strategies to keep the mind still and present as we tune into our inner resources to address particular life or health issues.

This method of mind-body awareness for relaxation, improved performance, and anxiety reduction, combines Western relaxation techniques with a variety of practices borrowed from Eastern philosophies, such as yoga and Zen meditation. Sophrology has been popular in Europe for decades and is now gaining traction in the UK and the US.

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