10 Foods to Boost Immunity During Cold & Flu Season


Winter brings cold and flu season, and we’re all doing everything we can to stay healthy and keep the sniffles as far away as possible.

Our bodies have incredible natural defenses against harmful germs that may lead to colds, but there are also things we can do to help it out. You can take supplements, but you can also use foods to boost immune system function! And we all know that whole foods are always superior to supplements.

The good thing is, you don’t need a lot of special concoctions to keep your family healthy. In fact, you probably already incorporate many of these 10 foods to boost immune system in your diet.

Once you know the power of the food you eat, it’s easy to harness and use those foods to boost immune system function to help yourself and your family stay healthy during cold season, and year round.

Foods to Boost Immune System

This list of 10 foods to boost immune system function will help you stay on the up-and-up during cold and flu season. If they’re not already in your pantry, all 10 are easy to find at your local farm market or grocery store.

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