4 Ways I Find Time To Meditate As A Mom


As a working mom of two little ones, I am often asked how I find time to meditate. While I would love to say that I spend 20 minutes in pure silence meditating twice a day, the truth is that doesn’t always happen.

I’m all for morning routines, and when I can squeeze it in, I like to start my day by meditating for at least five minutes followed by writing in my gratitude journal. Most mornings, though, I wake up to a little one tapping me on the shoulder asking me to make breakfast, turn on a video, play checkers, or take them to the bathroom.

So I take my moments of bliss where I can get them. I have found that the best form of meditation when you have young kids is to sit beside their bed or crib while they sleep and listen to them breathe. There is something truly powerful and calming about watching the rise and fall of their chest, as they inhale and exhale. This form of meditation cultivates gratitude for your children and provides a well-earned moment of stillness at the end of a long day.

So how else are moms supposed to do it all AND find time to meditate? Here are some suggestions to slip in some mindful moments during an otherwise busy day:

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