A 5-Step Guide To Tapping Into Your Intuition


I was driving in New Orleans early one morning when I heard a voice that told me to slow down. I was approaching an intersection, and fortunately I listened to that voice and I did slow down, because a huge truck ran a red light on a cross street, missing me by inches. If not for that voice, I would have been killed.

Since that day, I’ve been determined to find out what that voice was, where it came from, and why my life was saved. My search turned into a five-year journey that took me to some of the most remote and sacred places on the planet, to talk to holy men and mystics, sadhus and saints, research scientists and quantum physicists and psychiatrists. The result of this journey is documented in my new film, PGS-Intuition Is Your Personal Guidance System.

My research has taught me that intuition is a legitimate functioning bodily system that’s designed to protect us and guide us through life. It’s as legitimate as any of our other bodily systems, such as our circulatory system and immune system—it’s just that it lies within the energetic realm, connecting through to our physiological selves.

During the making of the film, I’ve come to believe certain things about how intuition works, why it works in the manner it does, and how we can access it to make better decisions so that we can live our life’s purpose. Here are five foolproof steps for tapping into your intuition:

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