5 Essential Oils To Purify Your Home And Boost Your Immunity


Over the years, essential oils have found a place in every home. They smell great, kill germs, and don’t have a bunch of chemicals. You might even use them to clean surfaces like countertops and windows. Plus, when used in a diffuser, essential oils fill the room with incredible aromas. But their benefits don’t stop there.

According to various studies, the anti-microbial properties stay intact when oils are diffused into the air. This is pretty amazing news, considering that air happens to be what you breathe! It is especially useful during flu season or if you live with someone with a bad cold. After all, disinfecting surfaces is only one part of your home. The air is home to even more toxins, germs, and everything in between. That’s why purifying the air with these five essential oils is such a smart move.

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