3 Practices That Can Enhance Any Spiritual Journey


There is certainly value in doing a spiritual practice regularly, every day, even when you really don't want to.

This is especially true for meditation. You see, in meditation practice the not wanting to do it is as much grist for the mill of meditation as wanting to do it. All of these thoughts are something you can play with, in your mind, that’s very exquisite. But it's a delicate balance that needs to transpire inside oneself. You need to recognize that if you use too much of a negative tone around your practice—too much resistance—that you may have to take a break from it for a while, before you can come back later on with a fresh perspective.

My suggestion is that you set aside a regular time each day for your practice. You say, in effect, "I’m spending so much time brushing my teeth. I’m spending so much time going to the toilet. I’m spending so much time feeding my body. I am spending so much time feeding my spirit, awakening into my soul. This is what I’m doing." This is a time that is sacred. It’s not a time when the telephone can ring; it’s not a time when people can take your attention away. It’s a time when you respect your practice enough to simply say to the people around you, "This is my practice time."

Study, in this sense, is vibrating with information until you become one with it.
So, you need to be disciplined, but not too violent. Don’t get ahead of yourself. And if you feel it’s too rigid, stop for a while and try other approaches. Keep allowing the eclecticism to go until you feel pulled genuinely into a deeper process. Keeping that in mind, here are three of my favorite fundamental spiritual practices to throw into your mix:

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