As you know by now, HU is a community of Holistic Practitioners, which includes a very broad range of modalities.  The Groups feature allows community members to connect like-minded members based on a more specific niche within the Holistic Community.


Be sure to review the existing groups, and join any that may be of interest to you.  HU has set up two groups as detailed below.



This new group will provide a forum for sharing marketing advice.  Many small business owners wear many different hats when managing their practice, making it difficult to be an expert in all facets of running a business.  If you have any questions about how to market your business in an ever changing environment, let us know.  We can provide advice on mobile marketing and social media management.



This User Group is meant to provide community members a place to ask questions about the HU site, and how to utilize the various apps within the community, to ensure you get the most of your membership.  Members are also welcome to share how they have utilized the various apps and how it has helped them to connect and collaborate with other community members.

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