How To Be Present In Everyday Life


Being present. With Thanksgiving in just a few short weeks and the craziness of the holidays in full swing soon, the habit of being present is something that’s top of mind for us here at NS. Now, more than ever is a good time to explore ways to practice mindfulness so that we can show up to our friends and family, and enjoy each and every gathering. Here’s why you should stop daydreaming and tips to get started.

“Being present” is abstract a thought as can be, but it’s one that I’m really passionate about and one that’s aligned with the NS pillars of health. It’s actually something I started to think about after reading The Power of Now years ago. And since then, and after reading the book a dozen more times (it’s that good), I’ve found that being present is the secret sauce to happiness in everyday life. It helps us avoid the “if-then” scenarios and in turn, encourages us to let light the in with new experiences and deeper connections. Thoughts like “If I lose this weight, I’ll find a boyfriend” and “if I get this job, I’ll finally be fulfilled” are all damaging, and they’re the opposite of being present at its core.

So what does being present really look like?


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