Finding Agreement Within: The Key to Self Healing


The Classic Battle Between Mind and Heart

In many ways, it is universally understood that self healing is made, and kept, through consensual agreements that are honored and respected. The same thing can be said about our inner peace. It is a consensual agreement and alignment between elements that constitute our larger Self—the physical, mental, energetic and spiritual.

A widely referred to notion is the classical battle or disagreement between mind and heart. This is a fundamental truth, although a simplified one.

Our inner mental processes (thinking, doubting, analyzing, discerning, judging, expecting, etc) are often in conflict with our heart’s deeper calling (the feelings, intuitions, aspirations, inspirations and the powerful creative force of love and spontaneity).

This conflict or disagreement forces us into all sorts of inner turbulence. We lose focus, direction and energy in this inner battle because we do not have a clear path of action. We lack resolution and the power to move forward that normally comes out of having all of your ‘team members’ working together in the same direction.

Bad Agreements and ‘Soul Contracts’

Yet, the quest for self healing and finding agreement (or alignment) goes beyond the conventional view of heart and mind. In traditional energy medicine practice, and even in depth psychology, it is considered that there are different levels at play. For example, in some shamanic traditions it is believed that there is an interplay between four levels:

The perceptual,
The mental,
The mythical, and;
The soul levels.


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