The Healing Power of Mantras



How a simple meditation tool can help you achieve harmony with the universe.

Most people have heard of mantras before, but not many truly understand what they are or how powerful they can be. More than just “words to live by,” a mantra is a way to interrupt the natural tendencies of the mind to achieve peace, healing, and harmony.

What Is the Purpose of a Mantra?
The mind has a tendency to continuously flow from one thought to the next, over and over. The thoughts you have are triggered either through stimulation of your senses by the outside world or by your own memory. In this way, your thoughts can flow outward or inward, and it’s the mind’s habit to wander as far away as it can on the periphery—and keep going. Mantras are a technique to break that tendency your mind has to go in all directions instead turning it in a circular motion.

Imagine you are playing an LP record. You put the needle on the edge in the last groove, and it will continue to move toward the center as the music plays. That needle is like a mantra. You put it anywhere on the record, which is your mind, and then start to repeat the mantra. Gradually, the mantra brings you to the center of your mind and your being.

When this happens, you are coming closer to your inner self. So a mantra is a way of pulling your mind from far away on the periphery to the inner center in a circular motion. It does this by not allowing your mind to go from one thought to another, the way it normally does. Instead, it goes from one thought to the same thought, over and over again. One of the best uses of a mantra is to repeat it as a mechanism to replace and dissolve negative thoughts or state of mind at a given point of time.