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Now that we have the facts. It's time to get back to work.

We understand microbiology, we understand immunology and we want strong immune systems.

I don't want to stay in my home and develop a weak immune system and then come out and get a disease.

In fact, Erickson suggests that staying at home too long could be even worse for people's health.

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There is no COVID-19.

Diagnosis of COVID-19 patients and victims are done not by the proper test but by symptoms, which can come from many different causes.

There are not enough people dying to justify the description of COVID-19 and lock-down.

Thus, mass media announce that a person died of the testing positive for COVID-19, which is not true.

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It is KOSA Acupuncture's understanding that our body has amazing self-healing power more than enough to win COVID-19.

We just have to make our immune system strong as mankind has always been winning pandemic and KOSA Acupuncture has always been emphasizing.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, the NIAID Director of National Institute of Health (NIH) gave $3.7 Million Grant to Wuhan Lab in 2015 and he said to the press in 2017 “There will be a surprise outbreak.”

Senator Scott Jensen (MN, physician) describes how ridiculous the medical system is during his interview with Fox News.


KOSA Acupuncture is pleased to present how to win coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our body has an excellent self-healing system enough to kill coronavirus.

KOSA Acupuncture shares the information WHO and CDC don’t tell you.


Can masks protect people from the coronavirus?

What they don’t tell you about coronavirus

How to win coronavirus

Find coronavirus test health center by zip code

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KOSA Acupuncture is pleased to share a healing journey of a diabetes and diplopia patient.
With 9 sessions of KOSA Acupuncture treatment over 22 days, he lost diabetes and diplopia including his all other various conditions, not to mention medicines.
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Your stool color shall be always golden.
Unless otherwise, your digestion system and metabolism are not in good shape and your body is asking you to take immediate action to fix the problem or cause.

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KOSA Acupuncture is pleased to share a testimonial posted by a mother of a girl as follows.
"Guaranteed relief" is the subject of her original post.
KOSA Acupuncture indeed provides the patients with a satisfaction guarantee.
Her condition was severe and Master Kim was the only one could provide her relief. Many conventional medical professionals failed to help her.

We have been taking my teen who has multiple diagnoses to KOSA Acupuncture since for the last 3 months.

Her condition was pretty severe and Master Kim has been the only one who was able to provide her any relief at all.

We have seen many conventional medical professionals but no one helped her as much as Master Kim did.

I saw her improve slowly but surely and more than anything else, Master Kim always tells her that she will be OK.

He is genuinely invested in making her feel better and has been available even late at night.

He even texts us to ask how she is doing.

The amazing relief she found for debilitating menstrual cramps alone makes it worthwhile going to KOSA.

 I highly recommend KOSA for acupuncture treatment!

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KOSA Acupuncture for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Mast cell activation disorder
Although Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Mast cell activation disorder are challenging diseases, KOSA Acupuncture has successfully been treating them.
KOSA's understanding is very unique and we treat responsible organs.
And, the healthier organs treat Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Mast cell activation disorder.

KOSA Acupuncture is pleased to share the true information about mammography screening.

Switzerland has abolished it since 2014.

The alternative to mammography screening may be available.

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Although Hashimoto's disease is a challenging disease, KOSA Acupuncture has successfully treated with a very high success rate, literally 100%.
KOSA's understanding of Hashimoto's disease is very unique and we treat responsible organs. And, the healthier organs treat Hashimoto's disease.

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