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When it comes to internet search engines, Google is by far the most popular choice.

Understandably, Google would like to keep it that way.

To make sure it stays on top, Google's primary objective is to provide a great user experience every time a person uses its search engine.

Which means it must deliver the best answers possible whenever someone does a query on Google Search.

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You may have noticed that in the past few years, Google has been getting better and better at finding the best results for what users are searching for in the hope they will continue to use it when looking for answers.

As bloggers, we want to ensure we are providing valuable information in the hopes our content will figure on the first page of Google results and bring visitors to our website.

In this article, I will give you 8 quick blogger SEO tips that can help your blog posts climb Google's search engine ranking positions and help you reach your audience.

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“Fear is the glue that keeps you stuck. Faith is the solvent that sets you free.” 
― Shannon L. Alder

Good Monday morning! This quote resonated with me this morning. Don't you find that it holds some truth? It is fear that keeps us stuck - immobile, paralyzed to take a step forward in fear of what 'might' happen... 
In business, every time we bust through those fears - (which feels like a daily occurrence), doesn't it feel a bit better on the other side? That seems to be where creativity resides, new fresh ideas, a new found confidence in abilities - that's when your business starts to move. 
Let's decide to un-glue ourselves this week. Let's not let fear dictate our successes. What is it that you've been wanting to do in your business that you've been too fearful to try? A Facebook Live, a blog post, a transparent social post... a networking meeting (gulp!). Pick one thing and give it a go. I will too. Take another sip of coffee - open up your laptop - and let's build our businesses together. 
Who's in?  
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Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you!

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Wanting to wish you a great morning! Feeling productive today, how about you?

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Thanks for all your support Nikki!
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Like so much in life and in business it’s about balance. Giving your audience a glimpse of who you are while showcasing your honesty and delivering your mission driven and value related messaging using a consistent voice will help you to achieve the online marketing results that you are striving for. 

A great place to start to develop your voice is by being clear on what your values are. Values are our belief systems and when values are misrepresented or misconstrued your audience will not trust you. Successful relationships are built on shared values; this holds true for both business brands and personally.  




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Client purchases the leadpage platform software ie. Leadpages

Landing pages created/funnel created using email marketing platform, List building and Automation etc.

*includes 2 pages (landing page and thank you page)

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List building and email marketing campaigns play a crucial part in establishing your online presence and building your center of influence. We will design a custom template to meet your business needs and objectives using Mailchimp or Constant Contact, upload your lists and create appropriate sign up forms for your website and Facebook Fan Page.

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Set up Google + account

Create YouTube channel

Custom YouTube cover art

Add channel links is there is an existing opt-in offer in place to link to

Create compelling, keyword-targeted channel description

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Profile set up to include the following:

            Set-up of 4 boards with 10 images each

            SEO optimized board descriptions

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Business LinkedIn profile created to include all information comparable to your resume with the addition of any videos, etc to showcase your expertise.

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