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I have had migraines since I was 10 years old and they kept getting worse every year along with endometriosis and anemia. I have always had strong intuitive abilities and I became a health professional in order to discover the secret missing piece in the puzzle of my health and the health of others.

In 2012, I began to literally fall to the ground with gut cramps. By the end of 2015, I had tried 'everything under the sun' and was bedridden 4 days out of the week for 2 years and now also had dizziness and blurry vision. I prayed to God to help me or take me Home. I found the "Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal" book that same month and began to follow it immediately.

One year later, in December of 2016, I was no longer bedridden for the first time in 3 years. I cannot even imagine where I would be now if it was not for this book. This information not only saved my life but saved me from unspeakable suffering. This is common sense wisdom that anyone can apply.

The reason it works while nothing else worked for me is because it puts ALL the missing pieces of the health puzzle together AT THE SAME TIME - something no one else has been able to accomplish until now because science has not discovered these truths yet.

The state of the liver, the amount of heavy metals, pesticides, medications and toxins in the body, the advancement of the viral infection, the aggressiveness of the viral strains one has, the unique blend of heavy metal alloys and toxins and the unique combinations of co-infections, the length of time one has been infected, one’s access to healing foods and supplements, the level of stress that has to be dealt with, and many other factors - all play a part in how long it takes for improvement and full recovery to be made.

One of the most important things I learned from this illness is that we need to talk out loud to God and the Angels (even if we do not believe) and be patient and not be afraid to ask for help and to ask others to pray for us. Prayer works, just as practicing meditation, creativity and affirmations also work. They strengthen our spirit and soul and bring peace to our mind.

I am sharing my story with you because there are millions in the world suffering from chronic illness. They all need someone to point their way to this knowledge. I want you to know that healing is possible and you can heal.

I know that healing myself with this knowledge and helping others heal with it has always been my purpose in this life and my passion has been reignited after almost being extinguished. Thank you Anthony and Spirit. I now have the most powerful tool yet to do so - the Medical Medium knowledge. I now offer online support and guidance to those who have read the book and are ready to embark on or are already on this life changing journey. Contact me to learn more about the free irresistible offer I have right now and start transforming your life with small, easy, doable, specific steps customized just for you - for a limited time only.
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