Terms of Service
Terms of Service

Holistic United currently accepts member profiles from practitioners that fall under one or more of the following categories and designations;

Certified Practitioners & Accredit Institutions in the area of Holistic Healthcare, Integrative medicine, Complementary and Alternative medicine.

We accept listings from modalities that fall under the areas of;

• Whole Medical Systems, examples include homeopathic medicine, ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine.
• Mind-Body Medicine, examples include cognitive-behavioral therapy, meditation.
• Manipulative and Body-Based Practices examples include chiropractic, massage therapy.
• Energy Medicine, examples include qi-gong, Reiki, and therapeutic touch.

Holistic United respects the privacy rights of our users. To register for HolisticUnited.com, users are required to supply some personal information such as name, valid email address, log-in and password as well as other details.

Holistic United considers user contact information to be private and is known only to the user and to Holistic United. Holistic United may from time to time use the email addresses provided to contact users in order to provide information of interest or to solicit feedback to improve service. Upon registration, users are asked for consent to be contacted by Holistic United. All contact from Holistic United will include the option to opt out of future emails.

Holistic United will never sell or rent out personal information about its users. If in the future Holistic United ever does engage in such commerce, users will be given the opportunity to remove themselves from such a list prior to their inclusion.

Users’ personal details could be gathered at opportunity to enhance the services that Holistic United offers to registrants and users of the site and value of services offered. Holistic United collects information and photos submitted by the user, as well as non-submitted information not associated with the users identity such as IP address, time, transferred data, browser information, operating system, and cookies.

Holistic United does perform statistical analysis of site usage in order to measure interest and traffic to specific sections of HolisticUnited.com in order to improve the site. We reserve the right to share such information with any current and potential advertisers and third parties.  The information collected is aggregate data and does not contain any personally identifiable information.

Holistic United reserves the right to modify or make changes to the stated privacy policy.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the privacy policy, please contact us.