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Ben Pianese

Ben Pianese brings together the best elements the Mediterranean lifestyle and Eastern philosophy have to offer. A native of Naples, Italy, where he grew up by the sea Ben has devoted his life to making the entire massage experience a personalized, tailor-made one.

Ben believes that massage is a right not a privilege and, in that respect, it is, very much, an experience as unique as the individual. To achieve this Ben has meshed together several different eastern massage techniques and has combined them with the very best modern western research into the mind and body has to offer. The result is that he applies his massage technique to each individual and has taken the same philosophy and applied it to the entire facet of his business.

At Massaggi everything we do has been stamped by Ben Pianese’s approach to a totally personalized, unique, tailored, massage experience. No two sessions are quite the same and indeed, there is no such thing as a ‘massage routine’.

Ben Pianese’s body, mind and spirit approach to the massage experience ensures that after the massage session you will feel:

  • calm but full of energy
  • free from tension aches and pain
  • better posture and more flexible

As Ben himself says: “I deeply believe that stiffness, poor posture and inefficient use of your body, come from ‘holding’ patterns within our neuromuscular-muscular make-up and that the mind must let go if the body is to respond.

“My work is not about fixing problems but, rather, showing the body how  it can realise it’s  innate potential and, by extension, fix itself.”