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Mark Graves

I am a life and wellness transformation coach. I've also owned medical equipment and supply companies servicing hundreds of doctors and wellness businesses. I understand health from different aspects.

I started my business wellevated because I want to be a solution to the unaffordable, unsustainable healthcare and declining health of people, with better proven holistic solutions. I'm here to give hope and self empowerment plan.

People can solve at least 80% of their health priorities at home with my system and health tool kit! 

Now know what to do and how to do it supporting all the body systems + (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with a simple 6 Step plan. These 6 steps are what's missing in health and why people aren't healthy.

It's effective, convenient for busy people, safe, sustainable,  and affordable as it gets. Elevates how you want to feel more of. It works. The Elevation Wellcare System. Take back control of your health. 

I'm looking to partner with health professionals or individuals that want a better solution personally or to help others.  Contact me, get a kit, the coaching and start today!

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