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I am a Wayshower and Ascension Guide. I do Intuitive Mentoring, Energy Healing, Reiki. Sound Therapy, many different Workshops online and in person, Guided Meditative Relaxation Sessiins, Tarot and Oracle Card Readings, Spiritual Counseling and more. 

I have been doing this work for well over 20 years. I grew up in a very religious up bringing in the Pentecostal churches where I'd seen and experienced many many things that cannot be explained. I was born with abilities of dreams coming true, premonitions, visions, healing, strong intuitive insights, and more. My abilities were oppressed and rejected by the church as my gifts were feared and unless they were the ones who officially declared me as "Anointed by the Holy Spirit or a prophet of God". If they didn't give me their sign of approval, then my gifts were not if God. I began my awakening young but remained quiet as I thought the church knew what was best for me. I began to finally think for myself and left the church. I didn't leave God, I left the church. I've since embraced my gifts and have been using them to assist others for years now. 

I don't teach anyone anything but remind them of what they've always known but forgotten. We are in a new paradigm and we are in the midst of awakening and remembering. It is my intent to anchor and navigate the realms and activate consciousness. I'm here to serve humanity, hold space, show you how to navigate your reality and create the life that is your birthright, manifest healing, abundance, happiness, peace, success, and help your light shine brighter than ever before. 

Love you! ♥️♥️♥️