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Looking to relocate your practice?

The Paradigm Centre for Wellness in Guelph is the perfect location for a holistic healing practice. Guelph is progressive and the perfect small town to raise your family.


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Floor Plans

PDF (feet): https://youriguide.com/421_woolwich_st_guelph_on/doc/floorplan_imperial.pdf
PDF (meters): https://youriguide.com/421_woolwich_st_guelph_on/doc/floorplan_metric.pdf


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Property Details

Room Measurements

Main Building


3pc Bath: 7'5" x 7'1"  | 53 sq ft 
Kitchen: 12'1" x 13'6"  | 163 sq ft 
Lobby: 14'8" x 19'5"  | 280 sq ft 
Office: 10'9" x 20'3"  | 218 sq ft 
Office: 10'8" x 20'3"  | 216 sq ft 
Reception: 7'11" x 12'7"  | 100 sq ft 


4pc Bath: 7'1" x 9'5"  | 53 sq ft 
Office: 10'9" x 9'2"  | 98 sq ft 
Office: 10'7" x 10'11"  | 115 sq ft 
Office: 10'9" x 8'9"  | 95 sq ft 
Office: 10'8" x 10'6"  | 112 sq ft 
Storage: 4'8" x 10'3"  | 48 sq ft 
Note: Only major rooms are listed. Some listed rooms may be excluded from total interior floor area (e.g. garage). Room dimensions are largest length and width; parts of room may be smaller. Room area is not always equal to product of length and width.

Floor Area Information

Main Building



Interior Area: 1322 sq ft
Perimeter Wall Length: 171 ft
Perimeter Wall Thickness: 10 in
Exterior Area: 1464 sq ft


Interior Area: 736 sq ft
Perimeter Wall Length: 128 ft
Perimeter Wall Thickness: 10 in
Exterior Area: 843 sq ft

Total Above Grade Floor Area

Main Building Interior: 2058 sq ft
Main Building Exterior: 2307 sq ft