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So you may have noticed your FB feed getting pretty hectic the last few months... 🤣
I can see many of you getting frustrated with your loved ones succumbing to fear-mongering or letting their uncertainty fuel formerly-latent racism.. 🤦‍♀️ So I want to offer a perspective that you might find interesting, and a few tools to test your own headspace.
Some people are still under the illusion that their environment creates or controls their emotions. If this is the case, then when they feel unsafe or destabilized (such as, during a global crisis..) they will look outside of themselves when attempting to re-create whatever state they perceive to be 'safe'.
This may involve arguing and trying to make people think or feel the same way as them. It may involve blaming and/or inciting violence towards those they feel are 'differen't.
It may involve temporarily setting aside their humanity in favour of reinstating the structures they previously leaned on.
But a more relevant expression right now, would be clinging to ideas or stories that make them feel like they're 'on the inside'.
When we feel like our world isn't making sense anymore; when we have had certain cornerstones of our routines removed (e.g. going to work), if we're not prepared to rediscover the inherent safety and resources within us, we are more prone to being manipulated by anyone who uses our fear against us.
All they have to do is bond with us on the level of our fear, and use the same phrases clickbait sites use to indicate that you're currently 'on the outside' but would be safe within the tribe, if you were allowed access to some covert info...
'You'll never believe what XYZ said about...'
'What the XYZ doesn't want you to know about...'
'Read this quick before it's taken down..!'
Whilst I'm not at all interested in telling you what to believe, specifically.. I think you would be doing yourself a fantastic service if you took a moment to look at where you're putting your attention right now, and asking yourself the following questions..:
'When I engage in this content, does it help me to remember that my power and safety is inherent, or does it continue the narrative that things outside of me must be different before I can feel safe again?'
"Is the content I'm watching peppered with contrived prompts to create fear, e.g. interspersing shocked faces between images, or using condescending or threatening tones or soundtracks?"
"How strong is my emotional commitment to my story? i.e. When people show me conflicting evidence, do I get angry or argumentative? When people disagree with me do I immediately divert to name calling or derision?"
(This indicates you have an emotional connection to a story, and should be suspicious to you. Why do you *need* your version to be 'right'? Examine your discomfort and the fear beneath it. What do you think it would mean if you were wrong? There is gold in your stories here - dig dig dig...)
'Do I myself, understand the thing I'm supposed to be afraid of, well enough that I could teach it, or at the very least explain it to different levels / demographics of audiences?'
(If you're not fully across what you should apparently be afraid of, it's possible that you've simply adopted a perspective without looking into it. Ask yourself 'why do I trust that particular source so blindly?')
And here's the big kahuna... How's your ego doing with these questions overall? Are you feeling compelled to 'school' me or anyone else in the comments section?
*Did you smirk at those questions but not actually apply them to any of the messages you're currently pushing?*
Did you feel affronted or dismissive of the idea that what people choose to believe is strategic and based on a need to re-create equilibrium / meet their survival needs, thereby questioning your narrative that you were one of the enlightened few with the 'real eyes, who realize the real lies...'? 😆
As uncomfortable as cognitive dissonance is, going into the triggers is the only way to get the information you need to grow and heal.
Be brave, humble and compassionate with yourself.
You got this. 🖤


  • What a great post! Thank you. Sums up some of the junk i have been seeing so well. Am sharing :)

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