Feed Item
Is there anything in your life that you are currently or consistently angry about?
I'm finishing my Master Coach cert during this lockdown and we're discussing injustice in the group call today.
An interesting point was raised that I suspect everyone would benefit from knowing 🖤
💥Injustice is the result of someone turning their back 💥
What our lecturer meant by this is that injustice requires that one or many refuse to look at a case, a person, something important. Someone or something of value is being overlooked, forgotten, ignored.
Injustice happens when we turn away from that which needs our help, our focus, our attention or our efforts.
Have there been any injustices in your life?
Any injustices against you?
Are you still hanging onto them?
Are you still angry about them or focussed on them?
Well here's today's tough love:
If your vision is all over the thing that happened to you X number of years ago... Guess where it's not.
That's right - on all the injustices happening worldwide right now.
That's us, angry that someone turned their back, turning our back as well 🤯
Our survival system is very sneaky. It seeks warmth, food, water, shelter and conservation of energy (non-movement).
What facilitates non-movement (picture yourself on the couch with a snacky-snack) more effectively than anything else?
-Rumination on a problem in a different timezone, that therefore cannot be changed in the present,
-Fixation on a wrong perpetrated by someone we don't control,
-Intense focus on something we can blame another for, thereby relinquishing responsibility for changing it.
That's right folks, obsession with our own perceived victimization is a way to avoid expansion, growth, contribution and generosity.
It's generally understood that one of the hallmarks of depression is excessive focus on the self (now there's a sentence that needs a trigger warning YEE-HAW)
and therefore one psychological technique for moving people out of the patterns required to perpetuate the depression, is steering their focus out onto others. How they can help the less fortunate; how they can contribute to their community.
Shifting the focus shifts the emotions which shifts the chemistry and the resulting projected reality.
How are you shifting your focus from the stuff that slows you down to the stuff that changes the world this week?