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**A word about MANIFESTING in this current quarantine environment.**
Something that it's important to me to clear up, is that 'manifestation' is not like a magic trick where you think of something and it appears.
It's redundant to say 'I manifested this' or 'I manifested that' because manifestation as a term does not refer to isolated items that you can argue over. The term refers to the phenomenon whereby your entire projected reality is a reflection of your perceived identity and the emotional state you embody.
We are creating, in real time, a world that supports and reinforces our emotional state.
Someone who diverts to frustration or anger as their 'emotional home', will create in their world things to be angry or frustrated about.
It would be superfluous and misleading (and obvious) to say 'I manifested that expense' because your entire world is a live manifestation. If you consider yourself to be broke and struggling, then yes, your reality will be full of expenses because they're necessary to maintain and reinforce that identity.
This is why good manifestation trainers don't just tell you what affirmations to say; they dig into who your nervous system thinks you are, and trains you on how to modify your coding and the associated emotional response.
Without those components, you can say affirmations until you're blue in the face and very little will change.
Have you ever said to your coach 'yeah but I just don't *believe* it!'
That's because you are trying to make change at the level of behaviour, without disabling the engine that's powering the whole structure.
You have to change the beliefs in order to change the emotions in order to change the reality... but the beliefs exist to protect underlying systems that your nervous system believes you need to survive. Therefore, it's not going to just change them on a whim...
If you're not prepared to change who you believe yourself to be at a fundamental level, you will struggle to 'manifest' massive change in your life.
If that was helpful at all, let me know! If you're confused, feel free to drop a question and I'll help you out.
And if you'd prefer to learn about your coding and how to really get moving on your manifestation, I recommend this course:
Practical Manifestation.
Yes it gives you the how, but as I said above, the how is only relevant if your nervous system is on board, so the course includes deep work to uncover the coding that may be getting in your way.
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