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'My therapist said that understanding it was the hardest part, but understanding it didn't change anything...'
Does that statement resonate with you at all? Have you done the work to 'understand' what you went through and how it affected you but understanding hasn't changed anything?
Well hello and welcome to another segment of 'wonderful things clients say to me that I immediately want to write a whole blog about'.
The 'aha' moment people experience in coaching sessions (or as I call it, the 'theatrics' of coaching) is NECESSARY to progress, but it is NOT the hard part.
Having the realization about why you've done everything you've ever done is obviously critical to understanding how and where to make change, but it doesn't do the work for you.
Yes it's mind-blowing, yes it's dramatic, yes you're sobbing and yes the clarity is confronting as all hell. It is absolutely an 'experience'...
But to repeat myself: that experience doesn't do the work for you. After the realization, comes the actual work.
Once you know about your programming, you can change it.
Change is the bit that takes a supported approach.
You're going to be doing things your neural receptors aren't wired for and it will be uncomfortable.
That's why coaching incorporates both the 'aha' part, and the 'support and strategy' part.
You will need assistance and accountability to make sustainable change, which is why coaches work with you for a few months, rather than just a couple hours. In an hour (often less) you can get the breakthrough.
But in 12weeks you can get a whole new life.
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Sarah xo
'I went to the Zen Pizza shop the other day. They said my pizza was $12.99 but when I gave them a $20 they kept it. I asked where my change was and they said 'Change.... must come from within....'