Feed Item

All systems in our body are in sync with each other.  In our ideal natural state, everything runs as it should and our health operates at an optimal level.

Unfortunately, as we grow and become a part of the outside world, many factors begin to disrupt this delicate balance, causing a variety of issues for us.  Some are of a milder nature and go virtually undetected.  Others are more extreme, and can lead to illness and disease.

One powerful method we can adopt to combat this problem is the art of attunement - learning to become intimately familiar with our body’s own unique signals.  Each person’s body speaks to them; it is simply a matter of starting to listen.  

An incredibly important area to focus on is digestion.  Many of us often eat on autopilot,
on-the-go and in stressed states.  This often leads to poor choices, eating when we are not actually hungry, ignoring our body’s demand for fuel at the appropriate time and continuing to consume foods that do not agree with us.

If we are able to become better acquainted with our signs and signals, we can begin to understand what our body needs and when.  This will assist our system in working toward a healthier balance.  

Here are three tips to get started:

  1. Notice how your body feels after each meal.  Are you satiated?  bloated or gassy?  still hungry?  All of these are clues to what your body is asking for.  Keep a journal, it will make it easier to identify what works and what does not. 

  2. Start making adjustments.  They can be small, incremental changes that allow for your body to properly adjust and your mind to develop the new, healthy habit. 

  3. Give your body a break.  Sometimes the best way to discover what your body truly needs is to go the minimalist route.  Stop eating meals just for the sake of meal time.  Instead, experiment with what it feels like to eat a few smaller meals throughout the day, implement some form of fasting or simply eliminate the foods you already know are not good for you.