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🔥Cortisol is critical to our survival: without it we die. It is cortisol that regulates the metabolism in each cell; altering blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels and acting as an anti-inflammatory compound.

🥵When the body is subjected to continual stress, the body is in perpetual 'fight or flight response' causing the adrenals to continue pumping out cortisol until they become exhausted and unable to keep up supply.

‼️Redox imbalance is at the heart of an insufficient ability to handle stress. When too many cells lose electron balance, it results in oxidative stress that makes the body vulnerable to damage and illness.

💧Having an appropriate number of redox molecules gives the body the resources it needs to deal with this build up of "leaking electrons" and bring cells back into balance.

Resource: Healthy Cells, Healthy Life by Dr. Rob Ward

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