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I regret to inform you all; I will no longer be practicing naturopathic medicine.

It took some time for me to realize I'm no longer happy in the profession, but I love freelancing and want to make more room for it. Although I have enjoyed making a difference in the lives of my patients, I've felt that it was time for me to make room for better opportunities for personal growth and my career. I was thinking about walking away after the holidays, but since I have been richly busy in other areas of my career, I thought it was time to let naturopathic medicine go now. I wouldn't necessarily say I am quitting naturopathic medicine all together because I'm using my naturopathic knowledge for other areas in my career. I'm making more room to advance and be in the career I want and enjoy!

I currently am taking on freelance health writing opportunities, consulting for nutritional supplement companies and formulating natural products and cosmetics for start-up companies. Keep an eye out for the launch of my new ebook, "A No-Nonsense Writing and Entrepreneurship Guide I Wish Existed Before I Started."

For the past year, I have been formulating hair and skin care, natural, and supplement products for companies or organizations for specific health conditions (alopecia). I've enjoyed freelancing so much I have decided to open my business for this opportunity. I'm signed on to formulate for big companies all over the globe! In addition, my supplement consulting business is booming, and I am a nutrition consultant for a startup company in China. So, I'm making a huge difference in the lives of my clients across the globe, starting with China. I am utilizing most of my time catering to my formulations and writing business while writing helpful blog posts.

Lastly, if you want to quit medicine, please have a support system or utilize counseling services. Quitting medicine, especially if it's something your life used to center on can take a toll on your mental health. Click on the link below to utilize those helpful services: https://www.betterhelp.com/online-therapy/

Thank you all for your reading and your support in my journey.

Dr. Crawford ND, MS, RH

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